It’s hard to believe that we’re well into October now and fashion season has come to a close. This year is disappearing fast. We’ve got some exciting eyewear news this week, including more new advancements in sunglasses technology.

This week, a new Kickstarter campaign has launched which produces glasses that block out screens. Scott Blew, the man behind the new IRL glasses, got the idea when he was standing in line at a food truck in LA. Infuriated by the glare of Fox News that kept catching his eye, he realised that in this day and age we are surrounded by screens of some kind 24/7. Blew believes this digital age, not being able to escape screens, makes it harder to have uninterrupted experiences and genuine human connections. “IRL Glasses put you in the driver’s seat to control when and how you engage with screens,” their press release reads.

Kickstarter Campaign Instagram - IRL Glasses
Kickstarter Campaign Instagram – IRL Glasses

Blew remembered an article he’d once read in WIRED about a new kind of film that blocked the light coming from screens. It was often used to shield people’s laptops. He wondered if this technology would work in the lenses of glasses. After ordering a sample, he tested them in a cheap pair of sunnies and it worked immediately. Through the lenses, you can see perfectly, but when you look at a screen it turns black. Using advanced technology, these new sunglasses allow us to switch-off from other forms of modern technology – the TV’s that follow us in our day-to-day lives.

Notorious B.I.G wearing Versace Medusa shades - Instagram
Notorious B.I.G wearing Versace Medusa shades – Instagram

In other eyewear news, Versace has announced the reissue of its iconic Medusa-head sunglasses, made famous in the 90s by rapper Notorious B.I.G. The sunglasses, adorned with bright gold Medusa heads, are iconically 90s, featuring in a wide frame. Since Notorious B.I.G famously worn them, other rappers such as 2 Chainz and Tyga have also chosen these opulent sunnies to finish their stage style. The sunglasses go on sale today, for £225, but will only be on sale for a month so act fast if you fancy a pair. Alternatively, check out these similar Medusa shades from Versace…

Medusa Logo Square Sunglasses in Black
Medusa Logo Square Sunglasses in Black by Versace

Another of our favourite designers who knows how to make decadent eyewear is Gucci. Italian Glamour magazine reporter and style icon Giulia Cascone always tops her luxury style with Gucci shades…

Giulia Cascone wearing Gucci
Giulia Cascone wearing Gucci

Here Giulia wears the Gucci Opulent Round Sunglasses in Black.

Fellow B Sunglasses ambassador Alina Paul also adds effortless glamour to her looks with black sunglasses.

Alina Paul wearing Gucci
Alina Paul wearing Gucci

Alina opts for Prada’s Metal Bridge Oversized Sunglasses in Black.

Leanne Lim Walker wearing Ray-Ban
Leanne Lim Walker wearing Ray-Ban

As for Leanne Lim Walker, her classic Ray-Ban style is beautiful. In this shoot she wears the Ray-Ban Round Metal Sunglasses in Arista Gold Crystal Green.

That’s all the news this week, but check back here next week for more exciting eyewear stories.