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Hello and welcome to the B Sunglasses Round-up, a weekly breakdown of the biggest, most exciting sunglasses news from all over the world. Last week, we looked at new research that called for improvements to the standards of checking sunglasses’ UV protection (especially in the southern hemisphere!) and CTRL XC sunglasses that lighten or darken automatically depending on the light intensity. This week, we’re looking at Freigeist’s new hingeless titanium glasses frames, positive predictions for the growth of the global eyewear industry in a new study, a choice pick of some of the best discounted designer sunglasses in the B Sunglasses Summer sale, and our competition to win a trip for two to Miami!


Hingeless Glasses Designed by Apple Store Engineer!


James O’Callaghan, the structural engineer responsible for the spectacular glass stairs in many Apple stores, has recently been involved in an eyewear design project with German eyewear brand Freigeist. O’Callaghan’s company is called Eckersley O’Callaghan and its range of designer glasses looks incredible. The EOC range was designed with minimalism in mind, so the entire titanium frame option is made of one section of material so that it is without hinges. There also aluminium and acetate versions that do come with hinges, so you choose which style you like more. The materials aren’t given much of a finish so that they look raw and tap into that sense of minimalism that O’Callaghan is so famous for. Needless to say, this range is intended to be for men, but anyone could pull them off.

“We have adopted pure essentialism in our design,” said O’Callaghan. “For example, not using hinges overcomes a design obstacle without limiting functionality.”


O’Callaghan was awarded the 2016 Milne Medal for excellence in structural design and he’s put his expertise to very good use! One cool feature is that a limited edition of only 222 of each type of sunglasses in the collection have been made, and each copy has been given a number between 1 and 222, making this the perfect purchase for collectors!


Global Eyewear Industry Rising by 7% Year on Year

A recent report carried out by Delaware marketing research company Global Market Insights has found that the Eyewear Industry’s global net worth is increasing by 7% and that it is predicted to rise up to $166 billion by end of 2022! We have reported on similar studies in the past, and everyone seems to be attributing the growth of the eyewear industry to the following factors:

  • Aging population that requires corrective lenses.
  • Greater awareness of eye health and the damage caused by UV rays.
  • Improved eye heath diagnoses of problems that require corrective lenses, such as presbyopia, myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia.
  • Improved economies in several areas, opening up new markets for designer eyewear (the most notable example of this is in Latin America).

At the moment, North America’s market share of the global eyewear market is 31%, Europe’s market share is 35.1%, and Central and South America is expected to grow significantly over the next few years! This report fits in well with a different report we wrote about back at the start of August that predicted that The Middle East would be the new frontier for the eyewear industry. Whether it’s Latin America or The Middle East that provides the next boost for the eyewear industry, it certainly seems like big boosts are on the horizon!


Summer Sale Picks!

So the B Sunglasses Summer Sale is in full swing now and lucky shoppers are picking up some incredible deals from our range of designer sunglasses. The sale is across the majority of our sunglasses and ranges from 20–70% off! We want to highlight some of our best deals for readers, so here’s this week’s top summer sale picks:


These STORM Dia keyhole sunglasses in black tortoiseshell were £35 and were cut by 70% to £10.50!


These Michael Kors Natalie sunglasses in soft tortoiseshell were £86 and were cut by 70% to £25.80!


These FCUK oval metal sunglasses in matte dark gunmetal were £45 and were cut by 50% to £22.50!


Win a Trip For Two to Miami!


B Sunglasses is super excited about our competition to win a trip for two to Miami. We’re running this competition in association with Ray-Ban® who are celebrating the recent success of their new Clubround sunglasses, which are a stunning combination of the thick-browed Clubmaster with round lenses, which have been getting more and more popular over the last couple of years. The competition is open to anyone in the UK and you can enter here. The closing date for the competition is the 28th of September, so get on it sooner rather than later! If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll win two return flights to Miami, a three-night stay in a five-star hotel, and two exciting Ray-Ban® goody bags!


That’s all the sunglasses news we’ve got time for this week. But please come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!