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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up, where we take a look at what’s been happening in the world of sunglasses, bringing you all the biggest sunglasses news so that you don’t need to go looking for it anywhere else. Last week we talked about how our Monkey Monkey children’s sunglasses won an award, and this week we’re looking at sunglasses that darken or lighten depending on the light conditions and how Sao Paulo University researchers have called for greater quality control with UV protection sunglasses, especially in the southern hemisphere!


Brazilian Researchers Call for Higher Sunglasses Standards


Image: a selection of the sunglasses available at B Sunglasses

Researchers at Sao Paulo University have called for higher standards of testing the UV resistance of sunglasses. Over time, UV rays break down the material in the lens that blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays. After significant exposure to UV light, a pair of sunglasses’ lenses no longer provide UV protection. The researchers at Sao Paulo University say that the current system of exposing a lens to 50 hours of UV light from a simulator at 30cm away isn’t sufficient to judge the quality of the lenses in a pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses play an important role in providing safety, and their lenses should provide adequate UV filters.

—Said Professor Liliane Ventura from Sao Paulo University. She also went on to say:

In most countries in the southern hemisphere… sunglasses standards are not quite appropriate for the ultraviolet conditions.

She’s obviously right, as sunglasses in the southern hemisphere or in many equatorial climates, where UV radiation is more extreme, need to be checked more regularly than those in the northern hemisphere. What this will mean for the wider sunglasses market remains to be seen, but we’re encouraged by Sao Paulo University’s research, as it means more people are taking the dangers of UV rays seriously when it comes to eyesight. All of our sunglasses are sourced from the top eyewear brands in the world, and their ability to provide UV protection is absolutely top rate. If you have any questions about our sunglasses, please get in touch with us.


Sunglasses Inspired by US Special Forces Technology


Ever wish your sunglasses would darken when it gets really sunny and lighten when it gets darker? Well there have been several products that have tried to do this over the years, but nothing quite like CTRL XC! It uses technology that was developed for the US Special Forces to adapt to light levels, changing from light to dark in 0.1 seconds! This product has been developed with sports in mind, and it is perfect for skiing, snowboarding, skating, mountain biking, and basically any activity where visibility is absolutely essential

The CTRL XC’s darkness level can be changed manually, with the touch of a button, or set to automatic mode where it will change its level of shade by sensing the intensity of surrounding light. Obviously, the CTRL uses battery, but the good news is that it lasts for approximately 70 hours! This is an incredibly exciting product for any outdoors or sports enthusiast and we’re pleased to see even more investment and ingenuity in the eyewear industry. If you’d like to find out more about the CTRL XC, you can watch their video here.


Two Big UK Sunglasses Companies Sold to Essilor

This week, two of the UK’s biggest online eyewear retailers (besides us!) were sold to Essilor, a huge eyewear company based in France. Glasses Direct and the Sunglasses Shop, both of which were owned by MyOptique, were bought by Essilor, the company responsible for making and selling lenses for MyOptique and companies like it. Essilor, a French company, is worth approximately £21 billion and its purchase of MyOptique should increase this significantly. The take away from this story is that the UK designer sunglasses and the prescription sunglasses business is flourishing, and Brexit blues aren’t discouraging companies in the EU from investing in the industry. We’re encouraged by this investment and what it means for the UK eyewear industry. And there’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition!


The B Sunglasses Summer Sale is Here!

After a few false starts, our summer sale is now in full swing! With discounts of up to 70% off some of the world’s most exciting designer brands (such as Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, and Stella McCartney), make sure you have a cheeky browse through our designer sunglasses collection before the sale comes to a close! This week, and in the weeks to come, we thought we’d give you a brief highlight of some of our most exciting discounted sunglasses. This week, our three favourite on-sale items are…


These Alexander McQueen Skull Temple Aviators used to be £210 and have been cut 50% to £105!


These yellow Nike limited edition Mojo sunglasses used to be £80 and have been cut 70% to £24!


These G-Star Raw Metal Erving sunglasses used to be £108 and have been cut by 70% to £32.40!


And that’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!