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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up where we use our eyewear acumen to bring you the most cutting-edge sunglasses and eyewear news from the last seven days. On last week’s round-up we looked at sports sunglasses as the Olympics kicked off in Rio, and this week we’re looking at Oakley’s new ‘Green Fade’ range, 24k gold sunglasses designed by Vintage Frames and Fabolous, and our B Sunglasses Brand of the Week: Prada. Read on to find out more!


Oakley Launches New ‘Green Fade’ Collection


We’re a week into the Olympics and everyone is energised to play sport. This is why the most exciting sunglasses news this week is the new collection from Oakley. The ‘Green Fade’ collection is named after the bright green accents that appear on every pair of sunglasses in the collection. This colour appeared on Oakley’s first specialist performance-based sunglasses back in 1980 and they are making an affectionate nod to their past whilst incorporating the newest, most impressive technology we’ve seen from them yet. All Green Fade sunglasses come with Oakley Prizm lenses, which were developed to improve the wearer’s detail perception and colour tuning—absolutely perfect for sports enthusiasts!

The Green Fade collection includes revisions of a variety of the previous models we know and love, such as the Jawbreaker, Radar EV Path, and RadarLock Path. We’re excited about the new Green Fade range, but in the meantime, you might like to consider our discounted, high-performance Oakley sports sunglasses:


The Jawbreaker in polished black – available here


The Radar EV Path in polished white prism road – available here


The RadarLock Path sunglasses is fingerprint retina burn – available here


24 Carat Gold Sunglasses made by Vintage Frames and Musician Fabolous


Every pair of designer sunglasses is a luxury item. Of course they provide a practical function (protecting your eyes from UV-rays), but they are still a luxury purchase. But Vintage Frames has taken this idea of luxury to a new level by producing a limited-edition range of 24 carat gold sunglasses with lenses designed by the hip-hop artist Fabolous (pictured above). The sunglasses have an undeniably 90s aesthetic, as do all of the special-edition gold glasses made by Vintage Frames this summer. Only 100 pairs of Fabolous’ sunglasses were made and they went on sale last Thursday.

Brand Serengeti Boasts “World’s Finest Driving Sunglasses”


Serengeti have released a new pair of sunglasses they are calling “the World’s finest driving sunglasses” and the movers and shakers in the eyewear industry are taking notice. The story of the sunglasses’ development began in an unexpected place, as they were developing car windscreens that enhanced drivers’ vision by filtering out other colours, leaving behind the right combination of red, green, and yellow. But this technology was taken and applied to sunglasses instead. The science behind the lenses holds up but the claim of “World’s finest driving sunglasses” will need to hold up against a very competitive market. And, ultimately, people have very specific preferences when it comes to lens colour and style. So although we’re impressed with the product, we think that readers should resist the hype and consider what they want from a pair of driving sunglasses. If you’d like to give this a little more thought, you can browse our prescription sunglasses today.


B Sunglasses Brand of the Week: Prada


Each week, B Sunglasses is focusing on one of our top brands, telling you all about their history, their look and the best models we have in our extensive collection of sunglasses. This week, we’re focusing on Prada as it’s one of the super brands of the sunglasses world and we are currently offering 20% discount on our entire Prada sunglasses collection!

The Prada brand started back in 1913 by brothers Mario and Martino Prada as a leather goods store in Milan called Fratelli Prada — which translates to Prada Brothers. Mario Prada believed that women should not be involved in business, so it was incredibly ironic that his daughter Luisa took over the business when his son showed no interest. Luisa then ran the company for 20 years and her daughter, Miuccia, took over in 1978. Miuccia was an incredible designer and business woman; she guided the company towards the incredible reputation and success it knows today. And it was Miuccia who founded the subsidiary brand Miu Miu (taken from her nickname) in 1992. The company made big gains throughout the 20th century, but it was only really by the 1990s that Prada could really be considered one of the most influential fashion houses in the world. It has held onto this position ever since!

Prada is known for its oversized frames and vintage tortoiseshell patterns, but we have discovered simpler, sleeker designs in recent years as well (such as the stunning sunglasses pictured above. Prada is an exciting brand with exquisite designs and we’re privileged to offer such a wide selection of their sunglasses in our collection. Please feel free to have a look through the entire Prada sunglasses collection, but here are our top three picks to whet your appetite:

round_rimmed_prada sunglasses_black

These round-rimmed, metal bridge sunglasses from Prada are stunning, and will never go out of fashion – available here


These double bridge geometric sunglasses from Prada are glamourous and have a touch of sixties Hollywood – available here


These big, bold butterfly sunglasses from Prada are undeniably Italian and are sure to turn a few heads – available here


And that’s all we have time for on this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up. Keep an eye on our blog for more posts and come back next week for more sunglasses news.