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It’s that time again. Time for the B Sunglasses weekly round-up, where we gather together all of the biggest eyewear and sunglasses news from the last week, helping you stay up to date with the latest trends and technology! Last week, we looked at Westward Leaning, who have developed a process that allows people to design their own sunglasses. This week, we’re looking at how Facebook is trying to crack down on people selling fake sunglasses online and we’re looking at a few highlights from our sale, which ends tomorrow (Monday the 28th)!


Facebook is Working to Crack Down on the Sale of Fake Sunglasses



News came out this week that Facebook is working to prevent people from advertising fake sunglasses. It’s doing this by filing a patent for technology that recognises the different content on an image and flags it. This patent would allow Facebook to work on software that hunts down dodgy images in Facebook ads and gets rid of them. This could help them find images of sunglasses that haven’t been verified by the official brands. This way, if someone puts an unauthorised advertisement for fake sunglasses, the new technology will find the ad and get rid of it. This will make it much harder for fraudsters to scam people and make it even harder for them to sell their fake sunglasses.

Selling fake sunglasses is an especially frustrating, irresponsible thing to do because most fake sunglasses provide no protection from the Sun’s UV rays (which can cause a bunch of problems, including cataracts and blindness). This means that people spend time outside, in the sun, believing their eyes to be safe, when they have no protection whatsoever. This problem is compounded by the fact that the shade on fake sunglasses means that your irises stay wide open while you wear them, allowing more harmful UV rays into your eye than if you didn’t wear any sunglasses at all. Essentially, this is like selling cooking oil and saying it’s factor-100 sunblock, so we welcome any efforts by a company as big as Facebook to tackle this. The verdict is still out on whether or not Facebook will get this patent, but we have our fingers crossed.


LAST CHANCE: The Not-Black-Friday Sale Ends Tomorrow!

Our Not-Black-Friday Sale has been going for a couple of weeks now and a lot of people have taken advantage of the incredible savings on most of our top designer sunglasses, glasses, and prescription sunglasses. We originally decided to have our sale a couple of weeks before Black Friday because we wanted to help customers beat the rush. And we wanted our pre-Christmas sale to last longer than one weekend. We also wanted to do our own thing.

In our Not-Black-Friday sale we’ve dropped the prices on so many high-end, luxury sunglasses, with discounts ranging from 20% to 70%! Designer sunglasses are a perfect for someone this Christmas – or you could treat yourself… Our sale ends tomorrow, on Monday the 28th of November, so here are a few highlights to help you find the best deals:


These Alexander McQueen Skull Temple Aviator sunglasses were £210 and have been reduced to £103 in the sale!


These Boss Orange Preppy round sunglasses were £104 and have been reduced to £72.80 in the sale!


These Burberry Two-Tone cateye sunglasses were £130 and have been reduced to £91 in the sale!


These Carrera 6000 clear black sunglasses were £90 and have been reduced to £60 in the sale!


These Fendi Peaked round sunglasses were £199 and have been reduced to £119.40 in the sale!


Christmas Gift Ideas

This week, we put together a huge gift guide B Sunglasses–style where we looked at different accessories from loads of different shops, helping you get some really special stocking fillers for your more fashionable loved ones. Click on the link above to get some advice on the most fashionable accessories and where to get them; the guide includes hairbands, beaded bags, Havana glasses, striking belts, chokers, earrings, scarves, round glasses, and backpacks. We put a lot of time into making helpful articles for our customers and we hope a few readers get a gift idea or two!

Brand Focus: Lacoste


This week, the brand we’re focusing on is Lacoste. The Lacoste green crocodile is famous throughout the fashion and sports worlds. Lacoste was named after one of the brand’s founders back in 1933. René Lacoste was a world-famous tennis star known for his ferocity on the tennis court. In fact, he was so fierce in one particular match that he earned himself the nickname “The Crocodile” after a journalist compared him to one.

René Lacoste and André Gillier, owner of France’s biggest knitwear manufacturers, joined forces to make the Lacoste brand. They used Lacoste’s name and reputation and Gillier’s experience in the clothing industry. The white tennis shirt with the green crocodile was born, and the rest was history. Over the years, Lacoste has developed into a large fashion house, with a huge collection of clothing, accessories, fragrances, and eyewear to choose from. And it’s their beautiful eyewear we’re most interested in! You can have a look through our entire Lacoste glasses collection today, but here are a few highlights to whet your appetite:


Lacoste L2218 Glasses in Matte Black


Lacoste L2224 Glasses in Black


Lacoste L2229 Glasses in Gold


And that’s all of the sunglasses news we’ve got time for this week. We hope you keep an eye on the blog and that you come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!