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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up – our weekly sunglasses news blog. Each week, we find out the latest news about the eyewear industry, looking at fashion, sports, and technology. We also write about any new collections here at B Sunglasses, as well as competitions, sales, promotions, and anything else we think might be of interest. Last week, we raved about our new Calvin Klein collection. This week, we’re talking about Karl Lagerfeld (one of our favourite brands) and this year’s Sunglasses Awards at Cannes.

Sunglasses Workshop and Awards in Cannes

This Tuesday will mark the seventh Sunglasses Awards. The awards take place at Cannes TFWA World Exhibition and they were created to help drive the eyewear industry in connection with the travel industry. The awards help propel the industry forwards and they are a great way to take stock of notable achievements by the biggest eyewear designers.

Anyone who knows a little about the eyewear industry knows that the dozens of big brands are all owned by larger sunglasses suppliers, and the biggest suppliers will all be at Cannes this Tuesday, including Luxottica, Marchon, Essilor, Kering Eyewear, and more. This year’s awards have a record number of attendees and a record number of submissions to the various competition categories, so it’s the perfect way to get up to speed with the sunglasses industry.


Brand Spotlight: Karl Lagerfeld

Earlier this week, Eve wrote a comprehensive brand spotlight on Karl Lagerfeld. You should read it if you have the time, but I’d like to include a smaller spotlight here as well.

The Karl Lagerfeld fashion house is one of the biggest in the world, and it is growing in size and acclaim each year. On top of this, the brand also owns Chanel and Fendi, and although there are unique aesthetics in all three designer labels, one thing they all have in common is a sense of luxury and elegance.

Karl Lagerfeld is originally from Germany, but he moved to Paris when he was 14 and has been in love with the city ever since. In fact, Lagerfeld’s designs – his whole aesthetic – is inextricably linked to his love affair with Parisian style. Lagerfeld worked for some of the biggest brands (Chanel, Chloe, and Fendi) before starting up his own label in 1984. Lagerfeld’s designs are known for their modern flair, often reinventing a classic style, updating it in subtle, sophisticated ways.

Lagerfeld takes inspiration wherever it comes from – even from his white-furred, blue-eyed cat, Choupette. Lagerfeld has openly admitted to basing many of his opulent cat-eye designs on his beloved cat. Why not look through our entire Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses collection today to find your next pair of cat-eye sunglasses. Here are a few highlights:

Karl Lagerfeld Geometric Keyhole Sunglasses in Havana

Karl Lagerfeld Cat Engraved Cateye Sunglasses in Black Snow

Karl Lagerfeld Metal Cateye Sunglasses in Shiny Light Gold Blue

Karl Lagerfeld Kitten Cateye Sunglasses in Shiny Silver Mirror


New Sunglasses Filter on Instagram

Instagram has brought out a snazzy new filter that takes augmented reality filters to the next level. Not only does it layer on semi-realistic sunglasses, it also reflects scenes from different parts of the world that move and change in real time as the subject moves and turns their head. The sunglasses reflect a range of locations, including the streets of Paris and a remote Japanese island.

This new filter is undoubtedly Instagram’s attempt to compete with Snapchat’s constantly changing filters. The technology is getting better and better, but the sunglasses don’t yet look nearly as good as the real thing! It is improving, though, and it could someday soon allow people to digitally try on various sunglasses before choosing the ones they’d like to buy. This innovation could save millions in delivery fees as sunglasses are shipped and then returned if they aren’t quite right!


That’s all the sunglasses news we have time for this week. Please come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!