B Sunglasses Round-up | Sunglasses News October 30 – 05 | News

Lots to catch up on this week, not least the announcement that Christopher Bailey the chief creative officer and president of British fashion house Burberry has announced that he will be leaving the company by the end of 2018. It has been a 17 year old relationship that has brought undeniable success to the brand and helped elevate British fashion to global recognition. We took a look at the designers life and what this means for the future of both Burberry and Bailey. Not only this, we put Saint Laurent Glasses under our brand spotlight and our network of bloggers have been getting up to lots of exciting things too. In other news, we discovered a story about a man who has spent the last 2 years removing a tattoo from his face of a pair of Ray-Ban®. Finally, we share with you the incredible story of how AR Glasses have been helping surgeons.

Augmented Reality Glasses Help Treat Skin Cancer

Hospitals in Germany have began using a brand new technology to detect notoriously hard to trace lymph nodes to check for malignant melanoma.

The novel augmented reality system, based on the use of data glasses, helps surgeons locate lymph nodes with the aid of virtual markers. What makes these AR glasses special is that they work in combination with powerful medical navigation software, a stereoscopic, near infrared (NIR) camera system, and indocyanine green (ICG) fluorescent dye. “To make the affected lymph nodes visible, the fluorescent dye is injected into the patient in the direct vicinity of the primary tumour. – (Source DPA)

Man gets Ray-Ban® Tattoo on his Face

This man from Swansea, South Wales woke up the morning after a stag do to find quite a horrifying outcome of the night before. For reasons unknown to anyone except the 50 year old man and maybe a couple of his close friends, he had got a wonky pair of “Ray-Ban®” tattoo’d all over his face. Just get the real thing next time! Ray-Ban®

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Charlotte Fisher in Stunning Sunset (Again)

Just when you thought your travel envy of blogger Charlotte Fisher had subsided, BAM she hits us again with another stunning shot of her in the Jacuzzi with a stunning sunset backdrop. We also spy a pair of equally beautiful Fendi Jungle Multicoloured Sunglasses on the side of the tub.