B Sunglasses Round-up | Sunglasses News October 16 – 22 | News

Wow, where did that week even go? It feels like minutes ago we were bringing the weekly news to you surrounding the rumours of the new iPhone face recognition. We also spoke about the groundbreaking and heartwarming announcement that Gucci are dropping all fur from their products by as early as 2018! This week we delved in to the rich and explosive history of British brand Alexander McQueen, filmed an awesome new video detailing the best Men’s glasses with YouTuber Life with Louis and caught up with our various brand ambassadors across the globe.

Randolph comes up Trumps

In other sunglasses news, Forbes recently reviewed their favourite “Made in the USA” sunglasses brands. Guess what? Randolph Engineering came up trumps which isn’t really a surprise to us but maybe you should check them out if you haven’t already heard of them. Their superior quality craftsmanship and sleek, vintage American frames have certainly made them a front runner for tough, high end sunglasses and are a brand to watch for the coming year.

Life with Louis

We joined forces once again with YouTube star Life with Louis to take you through some of the best men’s glasses . We headed out in to the beautiful Autumn countryside for a brilliantly shot edit featuring some of our favourite styles. Our in house expert Jake talks you through why we selected the particular styles and explains how the different styles can suit different people. One of our favourite styles from the suit was from Ray-Ban®, the Aviator glasses being one of the most talked about styles of this year due to famous faces such as Conor McGregor and Kylie Jenner both wearing the style.

Charlotte’s in Santorini

The blogger of the moment Charlotte Fisher is now living it up in the Greek Instagram haven of Santorini. Catch her soaking up some sun whilst looking stunning in her Saint Laurent California sunglasses in White. Another sunglasses frame that has been incredibly sought after this year, pretty much the ultimate ‘streetstyle’ glasses frame on the market right now.

Romek Styles it out

One of the coolest streetstyle influencers about right now Romek Gelard shared with us an awesome shot of him from the Polish city of Gdansk. Romek is wearing some Adidas Climacool sneakers, Adidas Originals track pants and pairs them off with a black leather jacket and these Gucci shades from B Sunglasses.