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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up. Each week, we put together the biggest sunglasses news stories across the fashion, sports, and technology industries. We also use our round-ups as a great time to announce our competitions, new designer brands, sales, and any other B Sunglasses news we think our customers might be interested in. Last week, we talked about one of our favourite brands: Karl Lagerfeld. This week, we’re talking about this year’s Sunglasses Workshop and Awards at Cannes, which was held on Tuesday.

The Sunglasses Awards at Cannes

Logos from the World’s top eyewear supplies, all featured at this year’s Sunglasses Awards

For anyone who read last week’s round-up, you’ll remember that we were looking ahead to the Sunglasses Awards at Cannes. Well, the event came and went, and it was very interesting to sunglasses aficionados like us. The Sunglasses Awards are held every year in connection with the travel industry, as both industries overlap in many ways. In order to keep the awards fair and impartial, it is co-hosted by all of the world’s biggest sunglasses suppliers (most of which supply the sunglasses here at B Sunglasses) with a Judge from each group:

Luxottica (Ray-Ban®, Persol, Oakley) – Francis Gros (judge)

Kering Eyewear (Gucci, Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney) – Omar Hagi (judge)

Marchon (Calvin Klein, Chloé, Dragon Alliance) – Erwan Le Guennec (judge)

Marcolin (Tom Ford, GUESS, Swarovski) – Nina Pan (judge)

Essilor (Ophthalmic lens specialist) – Francesco Leccisi (judge)

De Rigo (Givenchy) – Alessandra Piccin (judge)

Maui Jim (Hawaiian designer brand) – Giles Marks (judge)

This year’s awards had more submissions than ever before, showing how seriously the sunglasses industry is taking the awards. It also had the biggest turn out on the night, making for an incredible atmosphere. What impressed us most about the awards was how truly international it was, with winners stretching across pretty much every continent (except Antarctica…). Here are this year’s winners:

Sunglasses Retailer of the Year (with revenue above $2 billion): DFS Group

Sunglasses Retailer of the Year (with revenue below $2 billion): Kappé International

Best Off-Airport Sunglasses Retailer: King Power International (in Thailand)

Best Digital Initiative: also King Power International

Best Dedicated Sunglasses Team: DFS Four Seasons Macau

Best New Sunglasses Environment: PAC sal Beirut Duty-Free

Most Supportive Airport Authority: Incheon Seoul

Best Marketing Activity: Dufry UK


Kylie Jenner’s New Sunglasses are Out!

Video by Clever News about Jenner’s new collection

Any true Kylie Jenner fans will already know that her new 80s- and 90s-inspired sunglasses are now out. Jenner has become a style icon over the last few years and it’s interesting to see her sense of style evolve. She has made her sunglasses line with the company Quay Australia and we’re impressed with the bold yet elegant designs. It also helps massively that Jenner is gorgeous and is modelling all of them! We’re being careful not to share images we don’t have permission to, so if you’re interested in looking through all of the images, make sure you check out the Quay Australia website and click on the video above.

As with so much of the sunglasses industry at the minute, Jenner’s designs are playing with geometric shapes, taking bold, recognisable lines and trying something different with them. We’re hugely impressed and always welcome more designers into the eyewear industry. You never know, if Jenner’s line continues to grow, perhaps we’ll buy some in for our customers. That’s not a promise; just a prediction, as we’re always looking to add to our incredible designer sunglasses collection.

Augmented Reality and the Eyewear Industry

Recently, we reported on Instagram’s new AR filter that puts a pair of augmented reality sunglasses on a person’s face and reflects scenes from around the world in real time, on their lenses. We talked about the potential for this technology to change the way people try on glasses and sunglasses online. Then, this week, we’ve come across news of a US company that is doing just that: Topology Eyewear.

One of the biggest barriers in the online eyewear industry is customers’ reluctance to buy glasses and sunglasses they haven’t tried on. Unless you know a lot about your face shape and what types of frames go with it (we have a comprehensive sunglasses face-shape guide) it’s hard to know if a pair of glasses is going to suit you until you wear them. Therefore, software that allows you to try on a pair of glasses by superimposing them on your face is a brilliant idea. Topology Eyewear isn’t going to take over the world with its new technology as it provides customers with custom fit, 3D-printed glasses to fit their face, which look great, but they aren’t ever going to rival some of world’s most beautiful designer brands. In time, however, we hope to see this technology trickle down into the rest of the eyewear industry.


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!