B Sunglasses Round-up | Sunglasses News November 27 – December 03 | News

With the madness of Black Friday week now over, it is now time for the Christmas period to begin! The first of December marks the start of the festive period for us and it is certainly time to start thinking about your works’ Christmas party, Christmas presents and everything remotely Christmas related in between. Check out what has been happening in the fashion world this week.


Stella Calls for an Overhall

According to Dezeen.com

“Designer Stella McCartney and ex-sailor Ellen MacArthur are calling for the fashion industry to rethink textile production methods to radically reduce the amount of waste it produces.

The designer’s comments back up a new report, which looks into textile industry’s impact on the environment and what changes can be made.

The report titled A new textiles economy: Redesigning fashion’s future was produced by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. It found that the equivalent of one dustbin truck-worth of textiles is landfilled every second.

It states that less than one per cent of used clothing is recycled and lays out plans for a “new textiles economy”, in which clothes are designed to be reused.

“What really excites me about [the report] is that it provides solutions to an industry that is incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment,” said McCartney.”

This is not the first time Stella McCartney has shown her determination in tackling the fashion world’s impact on the environment. The British designer is becoming a real force in the sector and it is really admirable.

You can shop her eco-friendly sunglasses range here

The Fashion Awards 2017

Elle UK took us through the new names to look out for from this years Fashion Awards.

Faustine Steinmetz for Faustine Steinmetz

Faustine Steinmetz 31-year-old designer who used YouTube videos to teach herself how to weave. A very modern success story. She also completed her Masters at Saint Martins Fashion School under the guidance of some of the best designers on the planet. Steinmetz is now based in east-London and launched her eponymous brand in 2014.

The Designers Signature look revolves around reworked denim. She used distressed jeans, denim jackets and more to reimagine the way we wear denim and transforms it in to a truly modern look.

This was our favourite new designer from the Fashion Awards, but there was loads of other star performances this year making the future look bright.

Charlotte Fisher is in a Haze

Fashion blogger and trend setter Charlotte Fisher shared a beautiful hazy red shot of her wearing these Tom Ford Grace sunglasses on Instagram. The look is kind of retro, but has a real contemporary feel to it, too. Charlotte always seems to put her own trademark style down effortlessly, whilst staying current and pushing future trends.