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Welcome back to the weekly sunglasses news post here at B Sunglasses. Each week, we find out the latest brands, collections, and technology relating to the eyewear industry and put it all in one place for our readers. We also make sure to talk about our own news, such as competitions, new brands and collections, and any special promotions or sales.  On last week’s B Sunglasses Round-up, we teamed up with Bells Shoes to give our customers the opportunity to get 20% off their next pair of shoes and we looked at a video made by local YouTuber Louis Armstrong that featured several of our men’s sunglasses. This week, we’re talking about the re-release of the classic white sunglasses made famous by Kurt Cobain. And in celebration of National Kids Day, we’re offering 10% off all kids eyewear (including sale items!) until midnight tonight if you use a special code. More details below!

White Kurt Cobain Sunglasses to be Re-released

White Sunglasses by Christian Roth

23 years after grunge frontman Kurt Cobain’s death, white sunglasses modeled after the pair he wore in his famous photoshoot by Jesse Frohman have been re-released by brand Christian Roth. This photoshoot was shot just five months before Cobain’s death, so the eccentric collection of photos became iconic not only because of how well shot they are, but because it was all we had left of the elusive singer.

Over the years, grunge, punk, and rock fans intentionally borrowed from Cobain’s distinctive look and his thick-rimmed oval sunglasses became iconic. So, it’s good news for all Cobain fans, as well as eyewear aficionados, that Christian Roth is including a re-release of these iconic white sunglasses in its new collection. These sunglasses will be available to buy at DITA SoHo.

National Kids Day: 10% of kids sunglasses at B Sunglasses

As it’s National Kids Day we thought we’d celebrate by offering 10% off all kids sunglasses until midnight tonight. This special offer even includes sale items! If you’d like to take advantage of this deal, check out our children’s sunglasses collection and use the promo code KIDSDAY when you get to the checkout.


Brand in the Spotlight: Oakley

This week, we’re shining our spotlight on Oakley – the biggest sports eyewear brand in the world. If you’d like to read Eve’s larger, comprehensive Oakley article, click here.  The Oakley brand didn’t start out making eyewear. Instead, founder James Jannard first made a name for himself by designing motorcycle products made from his own patented rubber design. However, after designing motorcycle goggles and ski goggles, Jannard discovered his talent for eyewear, and the Oakley we know today started to take over the sports eyewear industry.

Oakley’s sunglasses range began with Pilot Eye, then the more casual Frog Skins (which are still very popular today). Over the years, Oakley’s extremely high quality designs and insistence on only the best materials has kept at the top of the sports eyewear industry. It would almost be easier to list the small number of sports where Oakley eyewear has not been worn; the brand has been championed by sports personalities around the world for over three decades, worn both causally and to improve their performances. If you’d like to find your own pair of sports sunglasses, check out our extensive Oakley sunglasses collection. But here are a few of our favourites to whet your appetite:

Oakley Ever Stride Sunglasses in Matte Black Prizm Road

Oakley Latch Squared Sunglasses in Matte Olive Ink

Oakley M2 Frame Xl Sunglasses in Polished Black Prizm Road


New Carrera Competition Launching Tomorrow!

We can’t say anything more until tomorrow, but fans of Carrera sunglasses might want to keep their eyes peeled for our exciting Carrera competition. Keep an eye on our blog and our social media accounts tomorrow for more information!


We Now Offer a Price Match Service!

Because we try our best here at B Sunglasses to provide customers with the lowest possible prices for all of our designer sunglasses, we have now incorporated a price match service into our company policy. This means that if you find a pair of sunglasses somewhere else in the UK for less than we’re charging and this retailer also offers next-day delivery, we’ll match their price. We’re dedicated to bringing our customers the lowest possible prices on the top eyewear brands, and we hope our commitment to our new price-match service communicates this. Click on the following link to find out more about our price-match policy.


Blogger and Instagram Coverage

A few of our designer sunglasses have featured in some amazing blog and Instagram posts recently and we like to stop and take stock of who’s talking about us every week or two. This week, DJ Denny has been travelling around the US and he posted a selfie at Miles Davis’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In it, DJ Denny is wearing a pair of sunglasses from our Cazal sunglasses collection.

Source: Instagram

Also this week, fashion blogger Labels for Lunch, who has amassed a huge following by taking some incredible fashion photography, featured a pair of our Gucci Wayfarer sunglasses on her Instagram page.

Source: Instagram

And last but not least, Charlotte Fisher, who has featured many of our sunglasses over the last few months, is currently in Ibiza and took some shots of herself looking amazing in a pair of our Tom Ford Aviators. We’re looking forward to the rest of Charlotte’s Ibiza photos popping up on her Instagram page!

Source: Instagram


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Please come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up.