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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up here at B Sunglasses. Each week, we gather together the biggest sunglasses news stories into one place so that our readers can keep up with the eyewear world without having to look around for them. We also write about our own news, telling readers about B Sunglasses sales, competitions, new collections, giveaways, and pretty much anything else we think you might be interested in. On last week’s round-up we talked about recent UK eye-health figures and our Carrera Sunglasses competition. This week, we’re talking about Polaroid’s 80th birthday campaign on Instagram and our new Alexander McQueen sunglasses collection.

Polaroid Eyewear Is Using Instagram to Celebrate its 80th Birthday

Image Souce: dadocesaro

This year, Polaroid Eyewear turns 80. This iconic brand was first famous for its instant cameras but later expanded to into the designer eyewear industry. Polaroid Eyewear have some beautiful sunglasses and they have embarked on an impressive Instagram campaign this week to celebrate their birthday. This campaign has been carried out in association with relatable.me and it employed the help of over 250 top Instagram influencers across the world to promote shots of themselves wearing some of Polaroid Eyewear’s gorgeous sunglasses under the hashtag #PolaroidSun and #InstantExperience. Instagrammers in the US, South America, and the UK all got involved and the brand was able to garner a lot of attention. This is the perfect example of how to run an online campaign and we’re more than happy to benefit from any additional attention Polaroid Eyewear generates as we have a fantastic Polaroid Eyewear sunglasses collection here at B Sunglasses.


Potential Flash Offers in the Future

This week, we sent out an email flyer announcing that for this week only we were offering Saturday delivery for £1 instead of £8.50. We will continue to bring out flash offers like this one in the coming weeks and months, but they’ll disappear as soon as they appear, so make sure you pay attention and sign up to our newsletter on our homepage.


New Alexander McQueen Collection at B Sunglasses

Also this week, we’re pleased to announce our latest Alexander McQueen sunglasses collection here at B Sunglasses. Alexander McQueen is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world, with a unique eyewear aesthetic that we can’t get enough of. So we’re overjoyed to add to our ever-growing Alexander McQueen sunglasses collection. Here are a few previews from our new arrivals:

Alexander McQueen Edge Cut Out Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Grey

Alexander McQueen Iconic Skull Cateye Sunglasses in Black

Alexander McQueen Edge Square Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Green


Brand in the Spotlight: Italia Independent

Earlier this week, Eve wrote a long piece about Italia Independent that you should definitely read if you’re interested in this incredible brand. However, I’d also like to write a shorter piece on them in this round-up. Italia Independent are relatively new to the eyewear industry. They were founded in 2007 by three visionaries: Lapo Elkann, Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Accongiagioco. The brand made a name for itself in the eyewear industry by making one of the first sunglasses out of carbon fibre. It’s this willingness to experiment, to use new materials, that set the tone for this innovative brand. More recently, the brand has used thermosensitive fibre to change sunglasses’ colour depending on the temperature and microfibre linings to give sunglasses frames a soft, velvety look. Italia Independent have developed the use of different materials so effectively that they received an award from the MIT Technology Review.

But all this technology and innovation does not come at the expense of Italia Independent’s aesthetic. In fact, it informs it. As you can tell from the name, Italia Independent draws a lot of its inspiration from Italy and a sense of Italian design. In the eyewear industry, Italy has been a hub for sunglasses design for decades and Italia Independent has a fantastic basis with which to continue growing as a designer fashion label. If you’re interested, check out our range of Italia Independent sunglasses, and here is a small selection of some of our favourites:

Italia Independent 0922 Velvet Sunglasses In Violet

Italia Independent 0257 Thin Metal Base 2 Sunglasses In Black

Italia Independent 0254 Thin Metal Base 2 Sunglasses In Black

Italia Independent 0092M Sunglasses In Black

There’s Still Time to Enter Our Carrera Competition

Anyone who follows our blog closely will remember last week when we announced our exciting Carrera competition. The competition offers lucky customers a chance to win our Square Aviator sunglasses from Carrera. The competition runs until Wednesday 17th of June to give as many of our customers as possible the chance to enter. Click on this link to answer the following question and be in with a chance of winning:

“Which other colours do these cool square aviators come in?’


New Ray-Ban® Blaze Here at B Sunglasses

We are also pleased to announce the new Ray-Ban® Blaze collection here at B Sunglasses. This colourful collection uses an innovative lens-over-frame style and pairs it with the round sunglasses craze taking over the world, as well as Clubmasters and other classic Ray-Ban® Styles. The Blaze collection offers fans the opportunity to get something new, colourful, and beautiful. Check out our Ray-Ban® sunglasses collection for all of our Blaze sunglasses. Here’s a little video teaser to whet your appetite.


And that’s all the sunglasses news we have time for you this week. Please come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up.