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Every week with our B Sunglasses Round-up we try to gather the best sunglasses news stories from around the world and put them in one handy place for our customers. We want help people who are interested in sunglasses keep up to speed with the industry. We also include stories about ourselves, such as any competitions, new brands, or any other exciting developments that come our way! On last week’s round-up we talked about our International Women’s Day competition and discount code, as well as the addition of Moncler and Valentino to our ever-growing brand offering. This week, we’re talking about Visa’s NFC payment sunglasses and our Swarovski Mother’s Day promotion!

Looking Good at the Checkout!

Image credit: Visa

This week, Visa unveiled its exciting new idea to an American audience: sunglasses with a payment NFC chip inside that allows shoppers to pay for their shopping just like the contactless payments most bank and credit cards now have. This technology isn’t brand new, but it is now at the point where it’s being used at special events, such as the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival this week in Austin, Texas.

The idea behind these sunglasses is very simple: make payment as easy as possible, allowing people to carry less money and valuables with them when they’re on a day out. If you’d like to pay for something, all you have to do is take off your sunglasses and hold the part of the arm with the NFC chip up to the contactless receptor on the card machine. This payment method is much more likely to work now than a year ago as most retailers have now upgraded their payment machines to include contactless payment.

“Our intent here is to demonstrate what we all know is coming: Anything that is a connected device or can carry a chip can be a payment device, as well,” said Sam Shrauger, the SVP of Digital Solutions at Visa. Shrauger also told Mashable that he wanted “to show the world, that anything you can have with you at any point in time can become payment-enabled.”

We previously covered Visa’s first attempt to prototype these amazing sunglasses at the Laneway festival in Australia. If you’d like to know more about it, check out this article on EDMtunes. Moving onto America for this week’s SXSW festival is definitely a step up in terms of profile and we can expect to see Visa’s sunglasses to appear for sale to the general public very soon!

From our perspective, we’re always interested in the aesthetics of the various new technologies that find their way onto the eyewear industry. These sunglasses seem to be very simple, and we’ve only see them in black. They look a lot better that some of the eyewear tech we’ve seen in the last couple of years, but we’d like to see Visa team up with some of the biggest eyewear designers, such as Ray-Ban®, Gucci, and Tom Ford!


Swarovski Mother’s Day Promotion Here at B Sunglasses

Mother’s Day is an important time of year to show our mums what they mean to us. Of course, this should go beyond simply buying gifts, but a gift should definitely be on this list! To try to promote our new Swarovski collection, we’re offering you the chance to get two gifts this Mother’s Day. When you purchase any sunglasses from our stunning new range of Swarovski sunglasses, you will receive a beautiful Swarovski bracelet absolutely free!

If you need a little help deciding which sunglasses to choose for you mum, here are a few of our favourites from the Swarovski sunglasses collection:

Swarovski Crystal Temple Detail Cateye Sunglasses in Shiny Black

Swarovski Crystal Facets Geometric Sunglasses in Dark Havana

Swarovski Geometric Diamante Temple Cateye Sunglasses in Dark Havana

Swarovski Crystal Fabric Embellished Temple Round Sunglasses in Shiny Black Gradient Brown



Bloggers Covering B Sunglasses

Week by week, we’re trying to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible bloggers who are trying out our sunglasses, showing everyone the best outfits to pair them with. B Sunglasses is getting noticed more and more by some of the best fashion and lifestyle bloggers, and we don’t want to keep that quiet!

This week, Christian Bendek, AKA the ‘Caribbean King’ and one of the top men’s fashion bloggers, featured our Gucci Urban Square sunglasses in Havana green:

Image source: Christianbendek.com

Also this week, Suki and The City (the ultra-photogenic fashion obsessed pug!) was featured wearing our Ray-Ban® Hexagonal sunglasses. These sunglasses look as good on Suki the pug as they do on humans!

Image source: sukiandthecity

And lastly, Boris Bianchi, the amazing traveling tattoo artist, featured our Ray-Ban® Clubmaster sunglasses whilst he was at the Florida Renaissance Festival in Miami.  Boris is an incredibly well-known tattoo designer with an amazing sense of style. Check out all of our Ray-Ban® Clubmasters here.

Image source: Boris Bianchi


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week! Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!