Want to know the latest in eyewear news? Take a look back at another exciting week for sunglasses and glasses. Designers are opting for a new frame style, people at the Grammy’s were seriously loving sunglasses (as usual) and everything we have been getting up to that you might have missed.

The Real Winner at The Grammy’s

Bruno Mars took home the lions’ share of the awards at this years Grammy’s, with female rapper Cardi B and Kendrick Lamar following behind. Other notable performances came from New Zealand artist Lorde, Kesha made a return with a stunning performance with an all female backing for the #MeToo campaign, after bravely speaking out about her treatment in the industry. Kendrick Lamar’s opening performance was a stunning barrage of lyricism with the only chance for breath the occasional interlude from comedian Dave Chappelle. The real winner in our eyes though, sunglasses. Nearly every name there was wearing them, which might not be weird had they actually been under any direct sunlight at all. But in true celebrity fashion, the big names were all protecting their eyes from something. Bruno Mars donned a retro pair of Aviator sunglasses, queen Bey wore some sleek, glamorous sunglasses while Rick Ross went for some typically Rick Ross style Cazal Sunglasses .

Cazal show us their new Campaign

German luxury eyewear label Cazal have long been producing some of the most stylish sunglasses out there. Many of their styles are reminiscent of the 90’s hip hop era, with detailed gold embelishments and classic Cazal bold frames. They’ve shared with us some of their latest campaign imagery, featuring men and women dressed in luxe velvet blazers and glamorous blouses set in a dark, lavish looking nightclub setting. Shop the latest Cazal frames now.

Kanye Shares Yeezy Season 6

The latest campaign imagery for Kanye West’s highly accredited apparel line has been shared on the stars social media page. The images were for the women’s range and featured a Kim Kardashian clones. The clones were actually made up of some of social medias biggest women’s names, all dressed in Yeezy season 6 with ashy bleached hair all identical to Kim. Let’s hope he releases some sunglasses soon!

Check back with us next week for another round of sunglasses news.