B Sunglasses Round-up | Sunglasses News January 22nd – January 28th 2018 | News

What a hectic week it has been here at B Sunglasses. We have been jet setting again; travelling to Tromso, the small Norwegian city with so much to offer. We have also checked out the latest campaign from Valentino Sunglasses as well as brought you some of our favourite pieces from our enormous January sale. Our suspicions from last weeks news blog have been confirmed by Kanye West, that tiny sunglasses are going to be huge this year in fashion. Not only that, Prada Sport has made a comeback with the brand’s highly acclaimed runway show garnering a lot of attention with its (yet again) nostalgic 90’s vibes being a crowd favourite. We have also focused on the reasons why you should think about going on a skiing holiday if you haven’t already. Check out some of the other things happening last week below.

Boris Bianchi heads to Iceland

Friend of B Sunglasses and world famous tattoo artist Boris Bianchi shared a photo before jetting off to Reykyavik, Iceland with his Ray-Ban Keyhole Sunglasses ready. Boris states that he is happy for our sunglasses as they hide the lack of sleep that is evident on his face…another great use for our products!

Mihaela gets Specky in Dubai

Romanian fashion blogger and influencer Mihaela Gurau shares a stunning image wearing her brand new Michael Kors glasses from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her blog details just what it takes to develop a career as a fashion influencer, and includes some images of her looking gorgeous.

Charlotte Basks in the Moroccan Heat

Sharing a beautiful image from a Riad in Marrakech, Morocco Charlotte Fisher looks like she is enjoying herself. Quoting “It’s official, I need to relocate to somewhere where this is considered ‘Winter'”. Charlotte wears this pair of Gucci sunglasses.