We’ve been lapping up the last of the snowy winter climate in style this week at B Sunglasses. Meanwhile, fashion week has been kicking off in Milan. Catch up with us and check out what’s been happening in the eyewear world here…

This past week has been full of adventure. We’ve picked out some of the best sunglasses to hit the slopes in style. We’ve traveled an epic road trip around Iceland, seeing glaciers, hot springs, volcanoes, waterfalls and Game of Thrones filming sites. We’ve welcomed some fantastic new Versace stock in honour of the UK debut of the new series of, American Crime Story, a crime documentary covering the tragic murder of Gianni Versace.  And, we’ve had our eyes fixed on the new eyewear trends hitting the runways from our favourite designers.

Fondazione Prada photo
Photo by corno.fulgur75

In Milan at the Fondazione Prada, the A/W 18 collection from Prada – one of our luxury brands – was showcased. It was a colourful, futuristic show, with neon signs, the silhouettes of cartoons and truly unique fashion. The eyewear showcased was equally as futuristic, with neon-tinted sunglasses and multi-colour lenses on many of the models. Gucci also turned heads at Milan fashion week, with a dystopian show like no other. The show was surreal, with the space done up to look like an operating table and models walking with elaborate costumes, head pieces, three eyes and many were carrying their own heads! Creative director Alessandro Michele said the heads were intended to display the struggle of finding your identity, and “looking after your head and thoughts.” While there were no sunglasses to fit the three-eyed models, there were some stunning looks with the quirky Gucci edge. Futuristic, exaggerated cateye sunglasses, jewel-studded sunglasses, and vintage style, over-sized, thin metal frame glasses, were all showcased for the upcoming season of eyewear from Gucci.

In other eyewear news, a meeting between fashion royalty and actual royalty has caused outcry in the media this week. Queen Elizabeth II attended designer Richard Quinn’s show and was seated next to Dame Anna Wintour, styled with dark sunnies. However, many have commented on Wintour’s poor sunglasses-etiquette, for not removing her sunglasses at all during the show despite being seated with the Queen. Not everyone was hating however, some took to twitter to defend Wintour, admiring her swag. Plus, it looked like the pair were having a blast.

In Beverly Hills, Rose McGowen, actress best-known for her part in the series Charmed, stepped out wearing a symbolic pair of sunglasses. Designed by the label The LB Brand, McGowen’s sunglasses were a pair of black round shades with the writing “Rise of the Woman” in gold font. The company began in 2013 for women to “reclaim, reshape and redefine their personal freedoms of expression.” McGowen shows us again, fashion can make a statement in so many ways.

We’ve all been anticipating the release of the US series American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace, which comes to the UK this week. The series sheds light on the final moments of Versace and the legacy he left behind. It’s caused some controversy however, as his family and friends have spoken out to condemn the show for falsifying information. One thing is for sure, we’re going to love seeing the luxury and creativity of Versace splashed across the screen. Our new Versace arrivals emulate the innovative and luxury designs Versace are so loved for.

Across the world in Japan, the company Oton Glass have announced their development of a pair of glasses that can convert text into audio in order to help those with visual impairment. Named the Oton Glass, the glasses use two cameras and an earpiece to translate text into order in order to help people better understand the text around them. Wearers use the glasses by staring at text they are struggling to read and blink to trigger the glasses into action – extremely cool.

Romek Gelard wearing Gucci sunglasses.
Romek Gelard wearing Gucci sunglasses.

Romek Gelard, streetwear royalty, stepped out in Warsaw last week in a pair of Gucci sunglasses from B Sunglasses. His all black outfit was complete with a fur-lined leather coat, a pair of adidas originals and his Gucci Urban Square Sunglasses in black. Standing on the grand steps of the Zacheta Art Museum he looked extremely slick. Get his look here…

That’s all this week at B Sunglasses. Enjoy your lazy Sunday and check back in here next week for more exciting eyewear news.