It’s been everything snow at B Sunglasses this week, as the much of Europe was hit by the ‘Beast from the East.’ Despite the blizzards, the fashion and eyewear world was thriving. Take a look at the latest news here…

The past week has been inspiring in the fashion industry, as designers at Milan Fashion Week showcased their incredible fall collections. We’ve had our eyes glued to the runways, spotting the latest eyewear trends, all of which are bright and bold. We also took a trip to Salt Lake City, a winter hub of outdoor activity and a richly historical city. As well as this, we announced an exciting new gift giveaway from Smith –  with every purchase you receive a sleek Smith water bottle. Check out our Smith collection and take advantage of this great offer.

Smith water bottle gift.

When we weren’t admiring Milan’s shows, or skiing through the mountains of Salt Lake City, we were snuggled away from the storm watching the debut of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni VersaceIf you’ve been keeping up with our latest blogs, you’ll know we were pretty eager for the first episode of this series. Despite receiving criticism from Versace’s friends and family, it did not disappoint in its drama. The aesthetics used in portraying Versace’s mansion were stunning. The classic music used throughout tapped into the high culture of his life and legacy. What’s more, Penelope Cruz as Donatella is irresistible.

In the eyewear world, Gigi Hadid has announced her second sunglasses collection for Vogue Eyewear. It’s only been a week since Hadid ended her long collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, saying goodbye with a race-car themed runway show during Milan Fashion Week. She’s already keeping busy with her new sunglasses range. The collection is filled with retro-inspired styles, like John-Lennon round lenses, the newly popular tiny sunglasses, and 50’s style cat-eye shapes. Hadid said she took inspiration for her collection from her mother Yolanda Hadid as well as Rihanna. Rihanna’s edgy look sets the bar for us all, and we’re excited to see her influence in this new collection.

gigi hadid photo
Photo by Disney | ABC Television Group

In other news, leading figures in the Virtual Reality industry have discussed the use of sunglasses in the near future for VR rather than headsets. VR headsets are huge, and pretty heavy, but this restriction won’t always be the case. Bosses for Virtual Reality products are driving the industry towards manufacturing this technology into stylish, lightweight sunglasses. The innovative idea is really futuristic, and considering the other latest advancements in eyewear technology, like facial recognition, there seems no limits to what eyewear can do.

milan photo

Earlier this week, Milan Fashion Week came to a close. Last Sunday in our round-up blog we were fan-girling over the new Gucci and Prada collections. This week we’re in love with the Dolce & Gabbana statement pieces they showcased in their holy themed runway show. D&G had tongues wagging when they staged a Catholic ceremony in Milan. The show was an homage to the baroque Oratorio di Santa Cita church in Palermo, Sicily- the island of Domenico Dolce’s birth. Altar gates swung open and a procession of eight drones appeared each carrying a D&G handbag. The collection was a mix of velvet, sumptuous embroidery and holy slogans like ‘Fashion Devotion’, and ‘Fashion Sinner.’ The eyewear was bold, playful and full of energy. There were huge oversized frames shaped in the letters D and G in gold or in leopard print fur. As well as brightly coloured sparkling, round frames that spelled ‘COOL’ and ‘WOOW’. Italian glamour was injected into bright outfits with pairs of decorative jeweled framed sunglasses. One model walked in a handbag printed dress, complete with handbag shaped earrings and hat, and of course, bright red handbag sunglasses frames. Our favourite look: and candyfloss pink, Alice in Wonderland styled, pair of bright sunglasses spelling ‘LOVE.’ The model wore ornate decorative hair pins in her candyfloss curls, with an embroidered pink and gold jacket and the bright pink and red heart LOVE frames. We’re on the edge of our seat for the release of their new collection.

By OSquare wearing Miu Miu,
By OSquare wearing Miu Miu.

While we braved the Beast from the East, fighting through the wind and snow to get to work, By OSquare sat at the edge of a crystal clear infinity pool in Dubai. Jealous? Yes, us too.

Metal Mix Cateye Sunglasses Black by Miu Miu.
Metal Mix Cateye Sunglasses Black by Miu Miu.

Looking out at ocean views, By OSquare wore a pair of black cateye sunglasses by Miu Miu. Eyewear from Italian designer Miu Miu are always playful, modern and summery. Steal her look here…

Coco Ldn wearing Saint Laurent.
Coco Ldn wearing Saint Laurent.

Coco Ldn headed out into the snow wearing  a statement pair of Saint Laurent Pilot sunglasses. Steal her look here…

That’s all the latest news from the eyewear world this week. We hope everyone stays safe in the storm, snuggled away watching the new Versace series. Check back here next week for more news.