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Hello and welcome to another weekly news round-up here at B Sunglasses. Every Sunday we gather the most recent sunglasses news stories into one place, including stories about our latest sales, competitions, and new collections. On last week’s round-up we looked at the recent story of John Lennon’s missing round sunglasses turning up at auction in Ryedale, selling for £2,900. This week, we’re looking at the concept art behind Samsung’s AR glasses and we’re celebrating all-things-Gucci as B Sunglasses adds new models to our Gucci sunglasses collection!


Samsung’s AR Glasses Look Much More Like Sunglasses Than Its Competitors

Samsung’s Monitorless concept design – Source

More information came out this week about Samsung’s augmented reality glasses in the form of a press release, concept art and a video. The glasses are called “Monitorless” and the idea behind them is that they will serve as a replacement for a PC monitor as everything that would normally be displayed on the monitor is layered over the wearer’s vision in standard AR fashion. This idea isn’t new, as Micosoft’s Hololens and the virtual reality eyewear Oculus Rift are both trying to offer this feature. However, Samsung’s Monitorless glasses really stand out from the others because they look much more like a standard pair of sunglasses – which could allow them to be worn in public and in the workplace without looking like we’ve stepped into a bizarre science-fiction film.

From the artwork in the concept video, the glasses look a little like a pair of classic 80s sunglasses with slightly too bulky temples and we’re glad to see a little diversity in the AR glasses industry. It will still be quite a while before the world will get its hands on Samsung’s Monitorless AR glasses, but it’s exciting to get a glimpse into the future!


The New Gucci Collection Has Arrived at B Sunglasses

The new Gucci collection has arrived at B Sunglasses and we couldn’t be more excited about it! If you spend any time on our blog then you might have noticed that we’ve got Gucci mania… Eve wrote a great article focusing on Gucci; it covers the fashion house’s fascinating history and its contribution to the fashion industry since it was founded in 1921. And Jake has written a follow-up article about Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s impressive Creative Director who has pushed the fashion house from strength to strength over the last two years.

We’ve been proud of our Gucci collection for quite a while, so we’re especially pleased to add even more stunning sunglasses to it, including peaked square designs and Gucci’s fresh new slant on the iconic Aviator design. Check out the entire Gucci sunglasses collection to see all of the models for yourself, but here is a selection of our newest Gucci sunglasses:

Gucci Metal Bridge Peaked Square Sunglasses in Havana Ruthenium

Gucci Classic Oversize Round Sunglasses in Havana

Gucci Urban Wayfarer Sunglasses in Havana Green

Gucci Iconic Aviator Sunglasses in Gold Black

Gucci Peaked Square Sunglasses in Black Ruthenium


Bloggers Talking about B Sunglasses

This year, we’ve had much more attention from fashion bloggers than ever before. We’re thrilled about this because it gives us a chance to show off some of our incredible eyewear on other influential platforms. Our sunglasses have been worn by some amazing fashion bloggers this week, including Amy Bell, the Little Magpie in St Lucia. You’ll find her wearing our Stella McCartney Essentials Metal Bridge Cateye sunglasses on her Instagram account here. She looks great, and so do the sunglasses!

Noel Tanner from the Muckle Cycle Club also wore a pair of our Oakley Radarlock Path sunglasses this week when he cycled and climbed up Doi Mae Slong in northern Thailand. Oakley is at the top of the sports sunglasses game for a reason and we’re glad Noel got good use out of his Radarlock Paths!

Image SourceOakley Radarlock Path sunglasses

And lastly, Coco Hamilton, the co-founder of the lifestyle website Perfect Knowledge, took a stunning Instagram shot of herself wearing a pair of our Tom Ford Aviators. You can check out the photograph on Coco on her Instagram here. Check out our entire Tom Ford sunglasses collection to find your perfect pair for the summer.


50% Off Kids Monkey Monkey Sunglasses

Last week, we did a feature in the round-up and a dedicated blog post focusing on raising awareness for children’s eye health, making a case for why children should wear sunglasses. Following up from this, we’re very pleased to say that we’ll be offering 50% off many of the sunglasses in our Monkey Monkey sunglasses collection. Monkey Monkey is a dedicated children’s sunglasses brand that offers a huge variety of styles for children to choose from and the prices are more than affordable for parents. With 50% off many of the sunglasses in our Monkey Monkey collection, it’s worth investing in a high-quality pair of sunglasses for your children ahead of summertime. We’ve included a selection of the sunglasses that are currently available on special offer below, but check out the entire Monkey Monkey children’s sunglasses collection if you’d like to see the rest!

Monkey Monkey Sam Folding Wayfarer Style Sunglasses in Red with Blue Temples – Now only £9.00!

Monkey Monkey Wayfarer Style Sunglasses in White Flower Print – Now only £7.50!

Monkey Monkey Neon Aviator Sunglasses in Orange – Now only £10.00!

Monkey Monkey Casey Retro Plastic & Metal Combo Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell Gold – Now only £10.00!

Monkey Monkey Daisy Cateye Sunglasses in Pink Crystal Gradient – Now only £7.50!

Monkey Monkey Twinkle Detail Wrap Sunglasses in Black – Now only £9.00!


And that’s it for this week’s round-up. Come back next week for more sunglasses news and keep an eye out for our blog and social media channels for news about a special offer coming up at the end of the month! Keep your eyes peels for more details!