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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up. Every week, we gather together all of the world’s biggest sunglasses news into one handy article. We also include stories about our new product lines, competitions, and other fun B Sunglasses news. Last week, we talked about a new company called Skelmet that is using smart phones to measure and fit sports sunglasses so they fit perfectly to the wearer’s face. We also looked at our amazing buying trip to London where we sourced loads more stunning designer glasses and sunglasses to add to our collections. This week, we’re looking at a story of how John Lennon’s broken sunglasses were repaired and sold at auction this week. We’re also taking a look at children’s sunglasses and how important it is to provide children with adequate sun protection!


John Lennon’s Round Sunglasses Turn Up at Auction

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This week, a pair of John Lennon’s famous round-rimmed sunglasses turned up at an auction in Ryedale. The sunglasses are the white, iconic round sunglasses that John Lennon was famous for and it was believed that they had been lost decades ago when Lennon – who had been having an argument with someone on the phone – smashed them up and threw them into a bin. But his uncle Charlie was nearby and he salvaged them from the bin and repaired them. Charlie had said that “The boy had a temper – but I thought it was a silly waste of money.” John Lennon’s uncle died in 2002 and, after that, his sunglasses have been in the possession of a collector in Yorkshire. The sunglasses were valued at £3,500 but they sold for £2,900 to an online bidder. John Lennon made round sunglasses popular and many people still have him in mind when they shop for round sunglasses. So, if this story has inspired you to look for your own Lennon-esque sunglasses, check out our round sunglasses range.


Children’s Sunglasses Awareness

This week, we published an in-depth article looking a children’s sunglasses. Children’s eye health is something we’re very passionate about here at B Sunglasses. This is because sunglasses are as essential as sun cream to protect us from the Sun’s harmful UV rays and children’s eyes are more susceptible to sun damage as the lenses in their eyes are less able to filter out the high-energy UV rays. Also, children tend to spend more time palying outdoors than adults!

Just as you wouldn’t dream of sending your children out into the sun without sun cream, you shouldn’t send them out without high-quality eye protection. And the quality is important, as toy sunglasses or novelty sunglasses can sometimes offer no protection from the invisible UV rays that do the damage. So even though they are dark and help your child’s eyes relax and feel comfortable in the sunlight, they are actually allowing their pupils to dilate, letting in even more sunlight. For this reason, fake sunglasses, toy sunglasses, or simply sunglasses with no UV protection, are actually more harmful for children than if they just went without, as at least they squint and their pupils contract in the sun.

Here at B Sunglasses, we understand the dangers of sun damage in children’s eyes, and we offer a range of designer and budget children’s sunglasses for parents (and children) to choose from. We believe that children like to have a say in what they wear and that if they love their sunglasses, they’re more likely to keep them on – even when their parents aren’t around! So, check out our children’s sunglasses range today or look below for a selection from the whole collection:

Monkey Monkey Alex Retro Sunglasses in Mint Tropical Print

Monkey Monkey Frankie Plastic Aviator Sunglasses in Shiny Crystal

Monkey Monkey Rosie Cat Ear Sunglasses in Pink Leopard

Ray-Ban® Junior Clubmaster Sunglasses in Matte Havana Lilac Flash Mirror

Stella McCartney Kids Children’s Cateye Sunglasses in Green Ivory Silver

Dolce & Gabbana Junior Aviator Sunglasses in Matte Red Multilayer

Lacoste Kids Childrens’ Cateye Sunglasses in Blue


Brand in the Spotlight: American Freshman

This week, Eve wrote an in-depth brand spotlight about American Freshman, one of our more affordable eyewear brands. Eve’s blog post has everything you could want to know, so check out the link above, but I also wanted to pop in a smaller brand focus into this round-up.

American Freshman is a fashion brand that caters specifically to a young, student demographic. It has a colourful, preppy look and a fresh, exciting sense of energy in all of its designs. American Freshman’s sense of style is casual and perfect for anyone looking for affordable, stylish eyewear with a young aesthetic. Check out American Freshman’s sunglasses and their glasses collections here at B Sunglasses, but here are a few of our favourites to whet your appetite:


American Freshman Jenna Soft Square Glasses in Black

American Freshman Fashion Round Sunglasses in Matte Crystal Pink

American Freshman Faith Retro Cateye Glasses in Tortoiseshell

American Freshman Retro Plastic Sunglasses in Crystal Red

American Freshman Charlie Retro Square Glasses in Black

American Freshman Soft Cateye Square Sunglasses in Milky Coral


And that’s all the sunglasses news we have for you this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up.