Milan Fashion week has been running this week, plus the annual Emmy awards were held, making it a spectacular week for fashion and eyewear. Read all the latest stories here…

Firstly, Prada smashed down the very trend it helped to create this week: tiny sunglasses. Muiccia Prada showcased her SS19 collection in the halls of the Fondazione Prada for Milan Fashion Week, true their weird and wonderful style, she had the guests sit down a row of blow-up chairs. Models walked in tie-dye skirts, sheer black tops, colourful hats, and sunglasses almost as big as their faces.

Prada SS19 Milan Fashion Week - Vogue Instagram
Prada SS19 Milan Fashion Week – Vogue Instagram

Prada don’t follow trends, they make them, and their show once again proved their unique and expert creativity. They design collections that we don’t even know we want until they’re right there on that runway. Each pair of plastic sunglasses were finished with striking lines of dots down the lower frame. We once said the tiny sunglasses craze was wild, and look at it now, so it’s only matter of time before these futuristic giants become the next big sunglasses trend. Can’t wait for their release? Check out another quirky Prada pair here…

Ornate Metal Baroque Sunglasses in Black
Ornate Metal Baroque Sunglasses in Black

Style icon and fashion blogger, Alina Paul, opts for Prada eyewear to complete her contemporary style.

Alina tops her casual street-style and her more glamorous summer dress looks with the Prada Metal Bridge Oversize Square Sunglasses in Black.

In other eyewear news, Tens, a Glasgow sunglasses brand, have designed the first big collection of biodegradable sunglasses. Rather than the regular plastic material used to create sunglasses, Tens use a mixture of cotton and wood pulp from a sustainable managed forest and is 100% biodegradable. “We want people to feel good about what they’re wearing and we want to feel good about we’re making,” said Kris Reid, the co-founder. “The transition to bio acetate has been challenging given the high expense and long lead times, but we’re proud as a small company to be making this move and we welcome the bigger brands to follow suit.” As well as this, the collection are designed with tinted lenses, inspired by film-making experiences, that make life through the lenses look more beautiful. Fellow co-founder Marty Bell says the lenses make everyday life “look like a 35mm photo of Venice Beach.” So, Tens are transforming eyewear technology and like other big designer in the industry now, they’re focusing on sustainability and protecting the planet. A leading figure in eco-friendly fashion is Stella McCartney, one of the top selling eyewear designers on our site. Each collection of hers is sustainably and ethically produced, and she is constantly pushing for other designers to follow suit. Here’s a top style from Stella McCartney…

Double Bridge Round Sunglasses in Havana Grey
Double Bridge Round Sunglasses in Havana Grey by Stella McCartney


Other stylish sunglasses wearer this week include Chris Williamson, who’s getting ready to run Fresher Week events in Newcastle. Chris always tops his slick style with a pair of Moncler round metal sunglasses. 


Chris Williamson wearing Moncler
Chris Williamson wearing Moncler

Sagr Hamdan styled his sophisticated work look with a pair of Persol Browline Sunglasses in Coffee Havana.

Sagr Hamdan wearing Persol

And, Romek Gelard perfect his impeccable street style with the Gucci Star Rivet Square Sunglasses in Havana.

That’s all the news this week, but keep an out for more updates on Milan Fashion week during the week and check back here next Sunday for another run through of the eyewear highlights.