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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up. Each week we look at the latest sunglasses and eyewear news from around the world. We also include some stories about ourselves, such as new brands, competitions, giveaways, and anything else we think our customers and readers might be interested in. Essentially, if it’s about eyewear and we’re interested in it, we’ll write about – so it’s a great way for sunglasses enthusiasts to keep up with the latest news. Last week, we talked about the brand-new collection of Randolph Engineering sunglasses we added to our collection and we took stock of the biggest bloggers and Instagrammers who have been wearing our eyewear recently. This week, we’re taking a look at the solar eclipse and at some of the people who ignored all the warnings and looked directly at it!

The 2017 Solar Eclipse

The biggest news this week was that a solar eclipse made its way across the middle of the USA and the news (and newsfeeds) were filled with amazing images of the eclipse, and some not-so-amazing images of the President of the United States looking at the sun without wearing sunglasses. Let’s be clear: no normal sunglasses make it safe to stare at the eclipse for any period of time, such as the 2 minutes 40 seconds a total eclipse can last – never mind the varied time either side of the eclipse when people glance up to see if it’s started yet (or ended).

There are specialist glasses with specialist filters designed specifically for this purpose. These special sunglasses are usually made of cardboard and don’t look great, but you’ll only be wearing them for a few minutes, and everyone else will be wearing them too, so don’t worry about it.

Donald Trump famously stared at the eclipse without wearing the special glasses and Twitter enjoyed making fun of him for it. Rapper Joey Bada$$ also stared at the eclipse (for much longer than the POTUS) and had to cancel three of his concerts due to ‘unforeseen’ circumstances. The irony of that word ‘unforeseen’ was not lost on the internet, who thoroughly made fun of him for it.

Image source: Instagram

We’re not sure if making fun of people for getting injured is really a good idea, but apparently Joey Bada$$ is wearing specialist sunglasses for a while and he will probably make a full recovery. This injury highlights how dangerous the Sun is – especially during an eclipse. Just to make it clear: none of our designer sunglasses (or anyone else’s) can protect your eyes from staring directly at the sun for several minutes. The closest every-day eye protection that will cut the mustard is a welding mask with a number 4 shield. If, like us, you weren’t in the vicinity of this eclipse, don’t fear, because they’re not as rare as you might think, and you’ll sure to see one if you’re willing to travel. In fact, there will be a total eclipse going through Chile and Argentina on the 2nd of July 2019 and another total eclipse going through Chile and Argentina on the 14th of December 2020. There are no total eclipses on the horizon for Europe over the next ten years, so you’ll have to get on a plane to see one!

Taylor Morris Outlet Store Launches

Image source: Morgan Motor

Last year, we included a story in one of our round-ups about the new Taylor Morris sunglasses. The brand is the British car company Morgan Motor’s first step into the eyewear industry and they’ve done very well – perhaps due to their alliance with Made-in-Chelsea star Charlie Morris and his friend Hugo Taylor, whose initial idea started the company. Taylor Morris used Charlie Morris’s fame and their engineering prowess to make a very successful product, so eyewear aficionados will be pleased to hear that they are opening up their own outlet store, so you can get hold of your own pair of Taylor Morris sunglasses for significantly lower than the initial retail price. We don’t sell Taylor Morris sunglasses (yet). However, the UK has a love affair with sunglasses (despite our often-cloudy weather) and we’re pleased to see a new British eyewear company doing so well. As long as they continue to be news worthy, Taylor Morris will continue to turn up in our round-ups.

Their sunglasses style takes a Havana-style frame and tries various playful colour combinations, mixing vintage and modern aesthetics. The majority of the frames also have round rims with a thin metal bridge connecting them. The overall effect is great, but we also have various sunglasses from other top designers, so make sure you check out our round sunglasses, and Havana sunglasses to find something special.


That’s all the sunglasses news we have time for this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!