Back to reality this week after a food-filled sunny break exploring Mallorca. There’s been plenty to keep us busy in the fashion world though, with Oslo Fashion Week and exciting new advancements in eyewear technology. Find out all about it here…

The holidays blues are real. If you’ve just come home from paradise then, like us, you’ll be feeling pretty glum about the grey weather. But, summer isn’t over and you can squeeze in another adventure. Follow our guide to Mallorca, with it’s low prices only a short flight away it’s the perfect last-minute getaway. Drink cocktails in Palma, drive through the winding island hills, and eat paella overlooking the sea. Follow our guide to a summer trip to Mallorca in our latest Travel Tuesday blog to find out how to get the most out of your last-minute adventure.

Cap de Fortmentor, Mallorca.

To brighten our holiday blues, we’ve been enjoying the incredible styles at Oslo Fashion Week. Scandinavian street style is impeccable, with clean-cut fashion that’s effortlessly sleek and sophisticated. Oslo’s colder climate meant a different style of fashion was on display on the streets; with lightweight long coats and thick leather jackets. As well as this, the theme of the week seemed to be contrasts. Bright green bags with pale pink coat, or vibrantly patterned boots with a bold yellow dress. Contrasting colours are in and we love their statement style. Despite the Norwegian climate, sunglasses were everywhere at Oslo Fashion Week. Guests were spotted carrying on the tiny sunglasses trend, as well as showing styles like flat-top brown sunglasses and sporty frames to be immensely popular. Here’s a top pick from the week’s street style sunnies…

Skull Temple Flat Top Sunglasses in Black
Skull Temple Flat Top Sunglasses in Black by Alexander McQueen

In other eyewear news, Citroen have developed a new pair of glasses that help to eliminate motion sickness. The glasses, designed for anyone over the age of ten, were created by French design studio 5.5. They contain coloured liquid in the four rings around the eyes which helps to recreate the horizon line to stop the conflict between the senses that cause sickness. The Seetroen’s, only need to be worn for up to 12 minutes before the wearer’s mind synchronises with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes focus on an immobile object. What’s more, they are lense-less, so can be worn over normal glasses. Technology never ceases to amaze us!

On a more stylish note, fashion and lifestyle blogger Charlotte  has been showing off some stunning eyewear style this week.

Charlotte Fisher wearing Gucci.

Firstly, Charlotte topped her pink summer co-ord with a pair of pink Flat-Top pilot frames by Gucci.

Then, she went and wowed again in her white lace dress, white boots, and Gucci metal round sunglasses in gold. Charlotte proves that it really is possible to look glamorous everyday, all you need is the perfect pair of Gucci sunnies.

Sabrina Doberstein wearing Tom Ford

As for Sabrina, she’s been jet-setting again this week. Instead of a sunny beach however, she opted for a cycle through the cultural city of Amsterdam. Sabrina’s tourist fashion is on point, as she perches by the canal in her Tom Ford Anna sunnies in Black.

That’s all the eyewear news for this week, but check back here again on Sunday for all the latest updates.