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Welcome to this week’s B Sunglasses Round-up here at B Sunglasses. Each week on our round-up we gather together the latest sunglasses and eyewear news stories as well our own internal news, such as new brands, competitions, and giveaways. Last week, we looked at the Italian start-up company that gives customers free paper glasses frames to try on before they buy anything online. This week, we’re looking at new glasses that allow people who are legally blind to see clearly again and we’re announcing the addition of two new designer brands to our collection: Karl Lagerfeld and Salvatore Ferragamo!


Glasses That Help ‘Legally Blind’ People See Again

Image source: eSight

So many people suffer from severe eye conditions that cause them to see almost nothing at all. Anyone with such an extreme vision impairment is classed as being ‘legally blind’. There are a wide range eye conditions that affect people, such as optic nerve hypoplasia, ocular albinism, Stargardt disease, optic neuropathy, cone-rod dystrophy, and many more. An incredible new eyewear technology has been developed to help people with these conditions see clearly again. It’s called eSight and it looks like something from a science fiction film.

How it works:

eSight works by using a camera to relay an image to screens right in front of the wearer’s eyes. The camera is fast enough that the wearer perceives the images so quickly that it’s as though there is no delay at all.

The founder of eSight, Conrad Lewis, designed this device so that he could help his two sisters that were legally blind. However, it soon became apparent that eSight could be used to help people with a huge range of sight conditions. We regularly report on new eyewear technology, but there’s never been anything quite as impressive as this!

A few weeks ago, we announced the Easter Egg discount code event here at B Sunglasses. We hid Easter eggs around the site with discount codes ranging between £10 and £100. The codes can only be used once and anyone who finds them can use them. Our customers have all been finding the codes and using them, but there are still several left and we’re going to leave them up for lucky visitors to find. Believe it or not, there is a £100-off code that still hasn’t been found! So, if you like getting £100 of gorgeous designer eyewear, then you might want to go on an Easter egg hunt through our website!


New Brands at B Sunglasses: Karl Lagerfeld and Salvatore Ferragamo

At B Sunglasses, we’re constantly looking for new designers to add to our shop. We make an effort to update our offering so that customers have as wide a selection as possible. We’re over the moon to add Karl Lagerfeld and Salvatore Ferragamo to B Sunglasses. Karl Lagerfeld is the world-famous German fashion designer and artist who works out of Paris. Lagerfeld is the creative director for both Chanel and Fendi, but it’s his own eponymous fashion label that we’ve just added to our collection. Salvatore Ferragamo is a luxury fashion brand that was founded in Florence, Italy. Famous for its shoes, leather goods, and eyewear, Salvatore Ferragamo has a distinctly Italian aesthetic that will appeal to fans of Gucci and Versace.

New Product Arrivals here at B Sunglasses!

Teaser of our new Fendi Rainbow Collection

Along with the new brands, we’ve also added a bunch of new products to our existing collections. This week, we’ve added loads of exciting new designs to our Polaroid, Carrera, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi collections. Keep an eye on our blog and our social media channels for news about our new product arrivals.


Our Spring Sale Ends Midnight Tonight!

Our Spring Sale has been up and running for quite a while now and hundreds of customers have enjoyed some fantastic discounts, with as much as 70% off some models. The Spring Sale has been a brilliant opportunity for people to get a stunning pair of sunglasses ahead of their summer holidays. But all good things come to an end and our sale ends at midnight tonight. So, make sure you take advantage of the discounts whilst you can!


Blogger Coverage

Because we have so many luxury designer brands here at B Sunglasses, we get featured by some of the best fashion bloggers and Instagrammers around. This week, blogger Charlotte Fisher featured a pair of sunglasses from our stunning Fendi sunglasses collection. Charlotte looks amazing, as always, on her holiday in the Philippines.

Image source: Instagram

Also this week, Amy Bell (The Little Magpie) featured a pair of gorgeous cateye sunglasses from our Fendi collection. Here she is looking incredible:

Image source: Instagram

We sponsor Muckle Cycling Club, and we were recently happy to send them a whole bunch of Oakley Jawbreakers to keep their eyes safe and help them look the part when they’re out there on the road. This week, Muckle CC were down at Prissick Park in Middlesbrough. Here’s a great shot of Chris Sandall taken by Darren Moore:

Image source: Instagram


That’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!