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Welcome to another B Sunglasses Round-up here at B Sunglasses. Each week, we gather together the biggest sunglasses news stories from around the world, looking at fashion, sport, and technology, as well as any competitions, new brands or giveaways here at B Sunglasses. On last week’s round-up we looked at a Scottish goalkeeper who used special sunglasses to help him with a rare eye condition. This week, we’re looking at new AR glasses from Osterhout Design Group and an Easter egg hunt all around our site where customers can win up to £100 off their order!


New Extremely Hard-Wearing Augmented Reality Glasses

Image Source: Osterhout Design Group

After Google Glass failed to find its way to the market, the average person would be forgiven for thinking that it was an absolute failure. But, in a way, it was a huge success, as it did a lot of work promoting the use of augmented reality eyewear to the world. This is where Osterhout Design Group came in, as they were deeply inspired by Google Glass and wanted to make AR glasses that were much tougher so that there was little danger of breaking them and they could actually protect your eyes from getting damaged. This is how the R-7HL (image above) was born.

ODG’s R-7HL glasses seamlessly overlays CGI images on top of the wearer’s vision, creating interesting effects and objects for them to interact with. It is also heavily fortified so that it can be worn in extreme conditions. The letters ‘HL’ in R-7HL stands for hazardous location, and this is the main purpose of these AR glasses; they will be used in locations were other more delicate AR glasses might break, such as factories, warehouses, power plants, hospitals, etc. In hospitals, the R-7HL could be used to deliver live information about a patient’s wellbeing to a doctor as she attends to her other patients.

The R-7HL meets the U.S. military’s standards for ruggedness, meaning it’s one tough hombre. And at a projected cost of around $3,500, you really do pay for what you get! We’re seeing more and more smart eyewear come into the market, and it’s an exciting time to be part of the eyewear industry. We look forward to seeing what they come up with next.


Ray-Ban® is Bringing Out a Limited Editing of its Classic Meteor Sunglasses

There’s no sunglasses brand as iconic as Ray-Ban®. We know it better than most, as Ray-Ban® makes a much bigger part of our shop than any other brand. As Ray-Ban® is so iconic, it has attracted many fashion icons over the years, including James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, and Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts’ favourite style of sunglasses are Ray-Ban® Meteor sunglasses – a twist on the Wayfarer style with an overt 60s aesthetic. Julia Roberts must be over the moon to hear that Ray-Ban® is releasing a third edition of its iconic Meteor design; A limited amount of Ray-Ban® Meteor sunglasses will be available in selected stores between April the 10th to April the 15th. Even if you can get your hands on this limited edition, you can probably find what you need on our huge Ray-Ban® sunglasses collection.


Cazal: New Designs Added to the Collection

One of the posters for Cazal’s new gangster-themed ad campaign

We’re huge fans of Cazal here at B Sunglasses. We’ve had an impressive Cazal collection for a while, but we’ve recently added a bunch of stunning new sunglasses to the collection – and we’ve welcomed back a few best-selling classics as well! For the uninitiated, Cazal is the Austrian brand that comes from the designer Carl Zalloni – the brand name is a portmanteau of both his names.

Cazal’s style is bold, and strong, so a lot of rappers and singers on the hip-hop scene in the 80s were drawn to it. With so many hip-hop artists championing Cazal’s sunglasses, it didn’t take long for the brand to achieve true cult status, with its fans referring to it as “Cazzy”. The brand’s sense of style speaks for itself, so make sure you check out our stunning Cazal sunglasses collection, and here’s a little taster of what the collection has to offer:

Cazal Legends 163 Aviator Sunglasses in Red and Black

Cazal 8015 Sunglasses in Shiny Black Gold

Cazal 8021 Sunglasses in Black Gold

Cazal 8022 Sunglasses in Shiny Black



Easter Egg Hunt at B Sunglasses

Easter is almost upon us and the folk at B Sunglasses are excited about it. Because a good Easter egg hunt is always fun, we’ve hidden digital Easter eggs all over our website for our customers to find. With each egg, you’ll find a code you can put in when you get to our online checkout. Each code will give you a certain amount of money off your purchase. There are all kinds of discount codes to find, but they can only be used once, so be quick about it. If you find that code has already been used, look around the website for another Easter egg!


And that’s all the eyewear news we have time for this week. Come back next week for another B Sunglasses Round-up!