B Sunglasses News: Victoria Beckham takes helicopter to parent’s evening

She’s one of the world’s most stylish women, a  former member of what was once the world’s biggest girl group, wife to the world’s most famous footballer and mother to the world’s best dressed little girl; yet Victoria Beckham has been trying to show us that she’s just a normal mum who loves spending time with her family despite her enormous fame.

So much so, that ‘normal’ Victoria flew in to her eldest son Brooklyn’s parents evening in a helicopter!

The 39-year-old fashion designer who heads her own Victoria Beckham fashion collection and DVB Eyewear range  had a photoshoot with Vogue Australia on the same day as her 14-year-old sons school Parents Evening. Determined not to miss it, Vogue Australia’s editor Edwina McCann agreed to fly Victoria across London to arrive at the meeting for 5pm. Not sure if teenage Brooklyn would find that as cool as it sounds.

Style icon Victoria is known as a proud parent of five children but she is perhaps best recognized as the woman behind an award winning fashion collection. Her flawless sunglasses range offers the same effortless high quality that reflects Victoria’s unique contemporary-meets-classic style.

Let’s just hope she donned a pair of her very own Victoria Beckham sunglasses for her flight.