B Sunglasses News: Harry Styles Creates A Cunning Disguise

It can’t be easy being a mega-star in one of the most rich and famous boyband on the planet which is probably why One Direction’s Harry Styles has come up with this clever disguise to avoid the paparazzi or indeed go to Tesco without being chased by hoards of fans for once!

One Direction heartthrob Harry, 19,  posted a picture on his Instagram account (harrystyles) earlier today of himself sporting the Elephant/Invisible Man look for his fans. Wearing a napkin over his face and black pair of Ray-Ban® sunglasses (Wayfarers) with the caption “Napkin Whaaaaaa?”, Harry showed his humorous side just days after 1D appeared at the 2013 MTV VMA Awards.

One Direction were lucky to collect a Moonman trophy for Best Song of the Summer thanks to the aptly named ‘Best Song Ever’ though they were allegedly booed when they got on stage.  Harry’s ex Taylor Swift also appeared to make a dig at Harry during her acceptance speech for Best Female .

However, the band laughed off the backlash and were heavily supported by Lady Gaga who told the boys

You deserve every bit of success you have

Harry put the incident behind him and was later heard commenting on Miley Cyrus’ raunchy by performance, joking:

It was very reserved. I think she’s quite shy and it’s about time she came out of her shell a bit

Since then the 1D boys appeared to have been enjoying the remainder of their stay in the US. The hilarious black and white snap was online for just 18 minutes before it received over 6626 comments and 72937 likes (and zero ‘boo’s’ might we add)!

Wow, looks like Harry’s new look has preceded fashion week and has won over the Insta Crowd. In other news Superhero ‘Napkin Man’ has revealed his identity. Wonder who it could be.