B Sunglasses Holiday Essentials Guide 2014

Jetting off this year or staying at home? No doubt that if the sun is shining, your sunglasses will be essential. We’ve put together a handy Holiday Guide so you can put together your must-have holiday kit wherever you go…

Beach Holiday


Most of us want nothing more than to find ourselves on a beach this summer away from our work-desks, poor weather and busy cities.

What could compliment a beach holiday better than a pair of shades. Whether it’s the white sands of Honolulu, the Florida Keys, the crystal blue waters of Thailand or the Aussie Gold Coast, don’t be left in the shade. Think bold prints and colours to stand out from the crowd.


Top Tips

  • Keep hydrated and top up on sunscreen as much as possible. Burnt skin or a white outline of your sunnies is never cool.
  • Ladies! Get that beachy surfer look by using a texturising salt-spray on your hair. Loose braids will keep everything in place during the day whilst tousled beach waves are best for night-time
  • Don’t sit out in the sun too long! Pack a parasol or hat (Panama hats and vintage style sun-hats never go out of style) to cool off.
  • Avoid the bloat by drinking plenty of water and avoiding salty snacks, refined carbs and fizzy drinks. We know it won’t be easy!
  • Make your tan (real or fake) last longer by moisturizing daily with Cocoa Butter after baths and showers or a hydrating water spritz to be used out and about.


City Break


If you can’t stand sand between your toes opt for a jaunt along the French Riviera, a bicycle ride or a history tour in one of the world’s biggest, landmark cities
From Monaco to Madrid, Rome, Paris or Berlin; opt for fine European chic and classic cuts wherever you go. Think timeless shapes, nautical stripes and bold vintage look accessories.

  • Negotiate the transport ahead of your trip by purchasing a travel card for local underground and metro services. Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona have excellent multi-day passes.
  • Save money on a hotel by staying in a hostel or finding an apartment to share; Couch-Surfing websites are great as you can stay with a local couple or family with room to spare.
  • Pack a light jacket and comfortable shoes for changeable weather.
  • Getting to grips with select phrases is always a good idea so you can ask for directions or order in trendy Parisian cafe’s with ease!
  • When hitting bars, museums or nearby parks, travel light and keep belongings safe.



British Getaway


Why rack up air miles when you have great sites and tourist attractions on your doorstep? Why choose an exotic destination when Britain boasts the most unique capital city in the world?

Sure, the  UK is not known for its’ glorious weather but it is known for its’ stunning sprawling countryside, woodland nature trails and quaint beach-side towns. Pull up a deck chair and crack open the barbecue for a stylish summer in the British Isles with a traditional set of shades that hark back to a simpler time.

Top Tips

  • Nothing says British quite like a picnic or a barbecue. Rack up some summer fruit punch, home-made lemonade and tea-sandwich for a quaint English feel. Seasonal fruit and veg will always be riper and cheaper at this time of year and beautiful British strawberries can be used in everything from desserts to salad!
  • If the beach is where you’re headed, pack a towel and beach chair. You’ll need somewhere to dry off after a paddle in the sea whilst eating your fish and chips and/or ice-cream!
  • Road trips, hiking and country works can get messy and muddy in the rain. A pack-away raincoat and wellies will serve you well should the weather turn!
  • Look out for festivals, summer fete’s and special events in your area. You can also locate local historic landmarks and national parks which you may have never known were right under your nose!
  • Kids getting bored in the car? Colouring books, board-games and guessing games are excellent ways to pass the time.


Adventure Holiday


Wanderlust has officially gripped holiday-makers and now everyone wants a little dash of culture, escape excitement when it comes to booking their vacation. Landmark sites, unbelievable locations and everything just slightly out of the norm. You can’t get further from your daily routine than an adventure break.

Go globe-trotting in style; just remember that practicality is key to looking good on the move. Whether the Serengeti, The Taj Mahal, the Barrier Reef or the Great Wall of China is your destination, you can get a sophisticated look to match the cultural experience worthy of your photo album.



Top Tips

  • A sturdy backpack will go a long way. Be sure to keep precious items like money or passports in a concealed pocket on your person just incase.
  • Postcards make great souvenirs if you’re not great with a camera; though Instagram is extremely easy to use!
  • Invest in a guidebook, TripAdvisor phone App or phrase guide so you can track down prime destinations, the best places to eat and interact with the locals
  • Don’t look too much like a tourist! Wandering round with a giant map or camera on show makes you a walking target for pick-pockets! Be discreet.
  • Take care to ensure you have an emergency first aid kit in case of any accidents or nasty holiday bugs. Check with your GP before the trip about any vaccinations or medicine you might need abroad.


Camping Trip


Fresh air, lush greenery and back-to-basics activities such as building campfires and hiking; a camping trip is perfect for a clear head and bonding. Whether its’ a family affair, a romantic weekend or a all-out party in the woods with your friends, there’s something deeply invigorating about sleeping under the stars.

Ditch the passport and get back to nature with a trip to the great outdoors. Wonderful sights await you in your own back yard and what better way to bring out the adventurer in you than a pared down set of frames.



Top Tips

  • Invest in a good tent and a decent sleeping bag; those nights sure get cold and you’ll thank yourself for spending the extra cash.
  • Turn regular camping into glamping by sprucing up your campfire snacks. S’mores are delicious but a S’more cocktail is divine! Get the recipe HERE
  • Heavy duty clothing and layers work best for exploring the trail. Loose cottons tees, denim, wood-blend plaid shirts, shearling lined jackets, waterproofs and knitwear can be built up and removed as the heat dictates!
  • There are so many D.I.Y ideas that will improve your camping trip; from foam tiles to keep the floor of your tent dry to storage and recycled bottle lanterns; get creative and resourceful enough to make Bear Grylls proud.
  • Safety should be mandatory; mosquito nets, insect repellent, tick deterrent and a first aid kit should keep you safe from nature’s less favorable conditions!

    Don’t fancy roughing it? Why not opt for the more civilized option of glamping! Read more here: B Sunglasses Guide to Glamping

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