B Sunglasses Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is one of our favourite holidays here at B Sunglasses. The summer sun may be gone and the weather may be cooler but the festive spirit is in the air! We love this spooky holiday and everything about it but Halloween certainly wouldn’t be Halloween without a great fancy dress costume.

Whilst we gorge ourselves on cider, pumpkin pie and candy, the rest of you can take note of our B Sunglasses Halloween Costume Ideas using your favourite sunglasses.. All you’ll require is a few extra’s and voila! You’re all set for a monster night out on the tiles.


The Prince of Darkness might seem like an obvious choice but when you throw Gary Oldman’s version into the mix, this costume gets a whole lot cooler. Granted, you’ll probably need to get hair extensions however  a top hat, removable fangs, a walking stick and little round sunglasses will complete the look. Though, you might want to stay away from mirrored lenses.

Raoul Duke

The leading character fr0m Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is widely known as a thinly veiled characterization of The Godfather of Gonzo journalism himself; Hunter S. Thompson. Thompson was rarely spotted without a set of Aviator sunglasses and Raoul Duke (who was played by Johnny Depp in the 1998 film adaptation) definitely had a good reason for wearing them. Thompson was a known party-goer who was just as famous for his 24 hour benders as he was for his writing,  so you’ll never look out of place hanging out by the bar in this Raoul Duke get-up. A set of Aviators paired with Bermuda shorts, bucket hat, a Hawaiian shirt, rolled up socks and a cigarette holder will win points with the in-crowd… however, you may also get a select few asking why you’ve chosen to dress as Johnny Depp.

Holly Golightly

A classy costume for classy ladies, Audrey Hepburn’s portrayal of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s saw Audrey donning a pair of Givenchy cateye sunglasses. Utilise yours by finding a LBD (Little Black Dress) and a string of pearls and team the look with opera gloves,  cigarette holder, a tiara, a beehive up-do and plenty of bling.

The ‘Alan’ (The Hangover)

A popular choice in recent years, but by no means a bad one. ‘The Alan’ never fails to get laughs. A set of Aviator sunglasses, a beard and a baby carrier are all you need to convey the finest member of the Wolfpack; give or take a cheesy Golden Retriever T-Shirt.


Whether you love or loathe K-pop hit Gangnam Style, Psy is near the top of the list for  ‘pop cultural references’ you can make on Halloween; something which this year is probably only topped by Miley Cyrus twerking and Grumpy Cat. Black round shades, a ’50s blue blazer and slicked black hair are your only costume essentials however we can’t promise they’ll give you the slick moves of this South Korean rapper.

The Invisible Man

Sunglasses are your only ultimate accessory once you’ve managed to turn yourself invisible which is why The Invisible Man is frequently seen… or not seen as the case may be in a pair of shades. Sure, the bandaged look and trench coat may get you thrown out of the public library.

Men In Black

An obvious choice considering shades are what give this costume its’ edge. It’s  so simple that you barely need to do anything besides find black suit and but you’re probably going to have to find a respective friend to dress up too, otherwise you could just end up looking like a really badass funeral director. Still, a Ray Gun for blasting aliens never goes amiss.

Ron Burgundy

Great Odin’s Raven! Did you know Ron Burgundy was a fan of the mirrored Aviator? Dress up this year as the great man himself by use of stick-on moustache, a red blazer and a sunglasses case of emotion. You stay classy this Halloween.

Lady Gaga

One for girls or guys who are brave enough to don a leotard, the Lady Gaga comes in many shapes and forms. Whether you opt for the Disco Ball Bra™, The Meat Dress™, the Linda Farrow ‘Mickey Mouse’ sunglasses look or sparkly hotpants, the Gaga possibilities are endless so long as you have a blonde wig, red lipstick and enough glitter to choke a kestrel.

Cousin It

The Adams Family favourite, Cousin It looks easy because essentially he is about 90% hair, 1% sunglasses and 9% mystery but this one can prove tricky. As Tyra Banks would say “Girl, you’re getting a weave”

Andy Warhol

1960s Artist Andy Warhol is best known for his pop art but who forget the turtle neck and little round shades. A shock of white hair is the only thing standing between you and your entry to Studio 5.

Walter White

More topical than Heath Ledger’s “Joker” look back in 2008, the Walter White is set to dominate every party or club night you attend this Halloween. Whether you go for the Green Shirt and Underpants combo, the slightly warmer Hazmat suit costume or the classic Heisenberg (Black hat, big moustache); glasses are the key to becoming Breaking Bad’s baddest criminal which could make trick or treating 10 times more efficient. Whilst all the other kids ring the doorbell, you’ll be the one who knocks.

Willy Wonka

Tim Burton has a habit of creating macabre imagery and there are plenty of his characters to choose from if you’re stuck for ideas. However, the Johnny Depp ‘Willy Wonka’ is one of the creepiest. Weirdly styled on Vogue editor Anna Wintour, the big shades and bob combo does indeed look familiar. Yet add a purple velvet suit, white gloves, a cane and a top hat and you’ve got one sweet costume.

The Terminator

Start bench-pressing because you’re going to need a bit of muscle to make this work. Black square frames, T-shirt and jeans with a leather trench coat are your basic needs but the fun part comes with making yourself look like the ultimate killing machine. Special effects make-up such as face putty, paper mache or PVA glue can create gross cuts and wounds with just a  lick of paint and fake-blood whilst a selection of artillery can be used as one of Terminator’s ”Swiss Army Knife’ style weapons.

‘The Dude’

High on our ‘Bad Ass’ list is The Dude from The Big Lebowski; he is wise, knows all and is pretty easy to emulate if you’re into that sort of thing. Black Wayfarer sunnies and your average nightwear should do the trick though a sense of zen and vengeance will also serve you well.