B Sunglasses Guide To Glamping

The latest craze to hit holiday lovers, fashion fans and wanton adventurers is Glamping! What is Glamping you ask?

Glamping is camping out in a luxury tent with running water and a place to plug your iPhone charger with all the fun of camping and country retreats thrown in. Forget the struggle to put up your waterproof tent and soggy sleeping bag in the mud and rain; glamping is taking the British outdoors holiday to a whole new level.

Glamping: noun

[mass noun] British informal

  • Glamourous camping
  • a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping:

glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries

Glamping sites are popping all over the UK, Europe and the US boasting fully furbished caravans, yurts, huts, tents, teepee’s and marquees with gorgeous amenities to rival your local Hilton Hotel. Up-market camping has really caught on with the fashionable crowd who can’t afford to get away this summer but still want to get a feel for the great outdoors and escape city life . Thanks to music festivals and the ever-growing presence of celebrities slumming it with the rest of us, camping was in need of a cool upgrade and soon stars were spotted leaving pimped out tents and caravans to enjoy the atmosphere.

Yet there are more advantages to Glamping than just living like a celeb.  The good news about Glamping is that it is much cheaper and  more eco-friendly than holidays abroad. The obvious plus is that it also allows you to appreciate the beauty of the outdoors without the off-putting notion having to sleep on the floor. For those of us who don’t quite fancy the traditional soggy English camping trip, Glamping is the obvious solution!

With Alexa Chung and Kate Moss being described as Glamping fans, we at B Sunglasses are more than happy to jump on the Glamping bandwagon.

Here are our top tips for Glamping this summer during the festival period.

  • Stay glamorous with an outdoors feel that incorporates a luxurious yet urban edge. Combine high fashion with rustic outdoors chic by going for  neutral, earthy colours. Opt for nudes,  greens and muted tones paired with woven plaid shirts, hard wearing distressed denim and natural loose cotton tees. Couture meets country.


B Sunglasses Guide To Glamping
B Sunglasses Glamping Guide
  • Simplistic gold or silver jewellery such as a plain pendant or hand-crafted bracelet will be enough to update your look for a more high end feel. Beads, woven bracelets and gemstone rings will also catch the eye.
  • Pack your best sunglasses. You’ll be less worried about losing your designer shades so go all out with a high quality pair of Ladies Stella McCartney sunglasses 0r even a pair of Mens Shwood frames which are crafted from real wood to give real feel for the wilderness . Guys might want a sportier look so classic Ray Ban sunglasses  will keep your look chic yet outdoorsy
B Sunglasses Glamping Guide | Glamping Sunglasses

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  • Invest in a good medium sized backpack in a funky print or modern design. The beauty of Glamping is that you can do all the usual things you would do on a camping trip; bonfire’s, orienteering, walking etc. with the selling point of having your home comforts to come back to – which also means you don’t have to pack the kitchen sink.  However, you might be living the life of luxury in a Five Star Tee-Pee but you’re still going to need provisions on an uphill country hike.
  • Don’t forget your personal essentials as your accommodation will have everything else creating much less packing stress. Sunscreen, sunnies and a  tinted moisturiser will optimise your tan and keep you looking cool in the heat.
  • A textured salt spray will give hair that beachy, outdoors look. Braids, fishtail plaits, messy chignons and loose waves define the glamping look. Accessorize with a floral crown, woven headband or silk scarf.
  • Fellas should opt for a lumberjack beard and sideburns to get a real feel for the country! Bird-calling and fishing rod optional.
  • Ladies: Keep make up fresh faced, bronzed and dewy with a daring slick of red lipstick for the evening. A cream blush will give you a healthy outdoorsy glow.
  • Forget your traditional campfire S’mores, this is glamping! You can create a very grown up s’more cocktail using chocolate liqueur, marshmallow vodka, cream de Cacao, graham crackers and chocolate topped with melted mallows. Delicious!  Get the full recipe here
  •  Ditch the hip flask and splash out on a bottle of Champers. You do have a minibar to store it in after all.
  • Summer may be over soon, not to mention the close of the festival season but the beauty of Glamping is that you can do it all year round. Advance bookings usually work out cheaper so keep your eyes peeled and save up for a trip next year. Find some great deals and offers for Glamping trips here.
  • A stylish pair of  suede hiking boots will replace sodden wellies on your glamping trip. Fellas can match any outfit with a suede pair of Desert Boots whilst ladies can go for a Victorian style lace-up version. Comfy deck shoes are best for the boys when lounging around the campsite as are a simple pair of ballet pumps for girls. Be sure to take a spare set of gladiator sandals or leather flip flops for dry days.
  • A toothbrush, bottled water and a packet of tissues should be all you need for your glamping getaway. Of course a parasol and a picnic basket won’t go amiss!
  • Choose a location and venue that suits your style. Options include contemporary luxury tents, all-American wilderness themed campsites, traditional beach huts,  twee country caravans, super-glamorous Mongolian yurts, Moroccan themed marquee’s, Indian Shikar tents and a cool Safari style lodges.
  • Dining by the campfire has never been so classy. Glamping food includes all your camp favourites with a haute cuisine twist. Fresh summer salads, Moroccan cous cous, shish kababs, peanut butter pies, Eton mess, toasted S’mores, rustic homemade breads and barbecued delights are all great to share and have a chic luxury feel that almost makes you forget you’re away from home.
  • Still can’t quite afford a Glamping trip this year? Can’t get the time off work? Why not host your own backyard Glamping party. String up fairy lights and bunting and create a seating area with a blanket and throw pillows. You can also fashion a dining area by setting up an outdoor table and decorating it with lanterns, mason jars and spray painted pine cones. Then crack out the BBQ and get Glamping!