Guide to Spotting Fake Ray-Ban® Sunglasses

The increase in counterfeit Ray-Ban® products has risen dramatically in recent years with fraudster companies advertising cheap Ray-Ban® sunglasses all over the internet as well as other designer copies. Here at B Sunglasses, we only ever sell 100% genuine and authentic products sourced directly from the manufacturer and quite frankly, we’re getting tired of having to compete with phonies!

For all the fake sunglasses and dodgy companies out there, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to avoid them and how to spot fake sunnies should you have ever had the misfortune of purchasing from a non-authorized reseller!


Know Your Reseller

Before we get started you may also want to know if we are genuine too! There is one sure fire way to check. Located on the official Ray-Ban® website you can search for genuine resellers by domain name, enter our domain name (https://www.B where it says “Ray-Ban® Online Certified Resellers” in the search box and you will see that we are a certified Ray-Ban® reseller. The same applies to all other designer sunglasses and designer glasses that we stock.

Genuine Ray-Ban® stockist & reseller

We understand that trust in the company you are ordering from is extremely important so checking that this company are authorised is one of the first ways to ensure their products will be genuine. All good websites should have accessible contact details and all of their products priced within the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) range of their competitors. All genuine products should be priced fairly similarly, give or take the odd discount. Anything cheaper and it’s highly likely that the product is not the real deal.

Look at the company’s Terms and Conditions and FAQ’s for more information and check to see if they have any stamps of approval from worldwide manufacturers such as Luxottica. If you are unsure, get in touch and ask for some authorisation from the manufacturers themselves.


Fake Ray-Ban®’s are a dime a dozen and knowing the difference can save you a LOT of money. All Ray-Ban® sunglasses are crafted from the highest quality materials and use the latest manufacturing processes to get that classic pristine finish. Ray-Ban® sunglasses (& glasses) are usually cut from a single sheet of acetate and hand-polished. This means that any nicks, rough spots or ‘seams’ on the sunglasses indicate a lower quality of material and cheap production values which – you guessed it – are common among fakes. Check arms and the top of your sunglasses for instances of this to avoid being mislead. Of course, sometimes products do contain minor faults but this is a dead giveaway that your sunglasses aren’t what they seem. You shouldn’t be able to ‘scratch off’ any of the finishes or paintwork either so take heed!



Most Ray-Ban® products and other frames we sell at B Sunglasses are checked during the manufacturing process before they reach us here at our warehouse. They are then checked again when they are scanned into our warehouse and once more (with the odd polish!) before being sent out to our customers. Therefore, we are at least 99% sure that our sunglasses are in top quality condition before shipping. You will find with fake sunglasses that faults and damage occurs extremely easily and this is due to the flimsy nature of the manufacturing process. Fakes will feel much lighter as they lack the metal supports which are found in most Ray-Ban® sunglasses. These metal struts sit inside the arms and are visible on some models. If these are missing, you could well have bought a cheap imitation!


Most if not all Ray-Ban® sunglasses are fitted with glass lenses and should ‘clink’ when tapped. However, a number of newer models make use of more practical stress-resistant materials these days. Things you should look for as signs of authenticity is the clarity and cleanliness of the lenses. Murky, scratched or cloudy lenses could be strong indicators of fraudulent frames. You will also find the Ray-Ban® logo in the corner of the left lens (when looking at the sunglasses) with a small ‘RB’ subtly engraved on each lens. Ray-Ban®’s from pre-1999 may instead feature a BL for the company that first manufactured Ray-Ban®, Bausch and Lomb. An “RB” will also be featured on the nose pads if you have a pair of Aviators or Clubmasters.

fakesunglasses-roybonClassic ‘Roy Bon’ Wayfarers are a no-no


Low quality metal hinges are also a dead giveaway if your sunglasses are copies. The hinges should be cleanly bolted into place and should not show signs of gluing or being held in place by cheap plastic. Many Ray-Ban® hinges generally consist of interlocking metal teeth to make them more sturdy and supple whilst faulty hinges will look rushed and shoddy.


There are a number of special markings on Ray-Ban® products that you can look for when investigating whether your shades are authentic. Depending on the style of the sunglasses, the Ray-Ban® logo can feature on the temples in a variety of ways. However, the best indication is the product numbers printed on the inlay of the sunglasses. On the left temple (as worn) you will find the full product number of the sunglasses with a “CE” to indicate that the sunglasses are certified to European eyewear standard. If this is poorly printed or smudged, your product might not be genuine; it’s also always a good idea to check that the code corresponds with the code on your Ray-Ban® box. Depending on the model, these sunglasses will also be stated as being “Made in China” or “Made in Italy”. Finally the Luxottica logo should appear on the inner temples for all sunglasses purchased post-1999. Ray-Ban® sunglasses purchased prior to this will be manufactured under the founding company of “Bausch and Lomb”.



All of our Ray-Ban® products come presented in an authentic Ray-Ban® cardboard box inside a leather Ray-Ban® case branded with the authenticity logo. Whilst the cases can vary in size, design and colour depending on the model and edition of your sunglasses, inside you should find a branded microfiber cleaning cloth and a Luxottica care leaflet/warranty paperwork that will cover you up to one year from the day of purchase. Many sunglasses from other brands are also presented this way with the official paperwork from their manufacturers such as  Marcolin, Safilo, Cazal etc. to name a few.


What your authentic Ray-Ban®’s should include

Security Tags

We equip all of our sunglasses with a special security tag at the bridge before sending out. This shows that we have checked our sunglasses before sending and that we have taken precaution to act out against the return of fraudulent items as well as damaged or worn sunglasses being sent back. As per our returns policy, the sunglasses become non-refundable once this tag has been removed. For this reason, you can be sure you are receiving a genuine and thoroughly checked product from B Sunglasses.

Real or Not?

If you suspect you have received a fraudulent pair of sunglasses from us, as part of our guarantee we always advise customers to take the sunglasses to another authorised retailer to certify that the sunglasses are genuine. If you are still not convinced we recommend sending us an image of the sunglasses and the sunglasses themselves back to us (with the security tags intact) for a full refund. We inspect every pair of sunglasses that come back to us at the warehouse and send any faulty or damaged pairs on to the manufacturer for further investigation. There are a lot of pairs of fake sunglasses in circulation so it is in our best interest to be vigilant about accepting returns!

What to do if you have purchased fakes

Depending on the Terms and Conditions of the seller you have purchased your faulty sunglasses from, you should be able to ask for a return on the grounds that the item is unsuitable within 14 days in keeping with general trading laws to get your money back. However, sadly in some cases, you may find that you’ve lost your money. We recommend getting in touch with an authorized retailer to check the sunglasses for you and contact the manufacturers directly. You can then inform them of the fake website or seller and hopefully stop this seller from trading! If it keeps others from throwing away money on fraudsters and thieves, it always helps!

Do your research

Before purchasing online, see if you can source a pair in a nearby store. Prices are usually more competitive online but you always want to be 100% sure you’re going to receive the genuine product you hold in your hands so the best way to do this is to be savvy about what you expect. Check which accessories come with the product and what colours are available as well as researching the prices of other sellers so you can be sure the sunglasses are not priced too low.

Remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!