The B Sunglasses Guide to The Seychelles

Do you dream of relaxing on a white sand beach, feeling the warmth of the sun beating down on you and listening to the waves gently lapping at the shore? For many of us, this really is the stuff of dreams, as many of our well-planned beach holidays end up with us being hit in the head with a volleyball or trampled over by excited children. If you’re still searching for that perfect exotic island destination to wash away your stresses and pamper you within an inch of your life, then look no further. The Seychelles is the place for you. 

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Photo by jmhullot

Scattered across the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles islands are just 4 degrees south of the equator. This means that they really couldn’t get much hotter. The islands are known for their turquoise lagoons, soft sand beaches and enchanting mountains, all of which make it incredibly difficult to leave. The Seychelles is made up of 115  islands, each one with something unique to offer. Located to the North-East of Madagascar, the islands are divided into two distinct categories: the “Inner Islands’ and the “Outer Islands”.

The Inner Islands are located to the North and are scattered round the main island of Mahé. These are the granitic islands, characterised by their beaches that feature large granite boulders. Praslin, La Digue, Curieuse, Cousine, Fregate and Felicite are some of the islands that belong to Inner Islands area. The Outer Islands are sandy, flat, and covered in mostly palm trees. These are further divided into two groups: the Amirantes and Aldabra. The Amirantes group consists of around 20 islands scattered around Saint Joseph, the African Bank, Desroches, Alphonse & Poivre. The Aldabra group comprises of 22 islands surrounding Providence, Farquar, Cosmoledo and the Aldabra atoll.

The ideal Seychelles holiday will take you around several of these islands, allowing you to explore what each has to offer. You can travel between the islands by boat, plane or helicopter, and can choose to either stay at a luxury complex or a family-run guest house. If you like to mix your sunbathing with a bit of culture, the Seychelles is the perfect place to get off the beaten track and explore some authentic history and unique ways of life. Must-see locations include the Victoria market, the Botanical Garden at Mont Fleuri and the St. Anne National Marine Park.

A few miles from Victoria lie a group of islands with a particularly interesting history. The islands of St Anne, Round, Moyenne and Long fall within the St Anne Marine National Park. This park was proclaimed in 1973 in an effort to protect the sensitive and diverse marine life surrounding this small group of islands. Daily excursions can be made around these islands, making it possible to experience the underwater world by semi-submersible boats or by snorkeling. Finding the perfect pair of sunglasses can be difficult, and in this instance it is important to go for some men’s sunglasses that give off that cool, beach look whilst protecting your eyes. Women’s Sunglasses can afford to be extra out-there and lavish in such a beautiful setting.

If you’re keen to get active during your stay, there are plenty of activities to get involved in, many of which will also allow you to experience the natural wildlife and sea life that is unique to this part of the world. Shark Bank is widely considered to be the best diving spot, and has granite rock that shelters a dazzling array of marine life, from huge grey stingrays and gaping Napoleon fish to stunning shoals of bright tropical fish and even the odd whale shark – the biggest fish in the sea.


As well as underwater adventures, there are also numerous hikes and treks that will make you see these beautiful islands from a completely different perspective. The Morne Seychellois national park covers 20% of the main island of Mahé’s land area, and is home to thick coastal mangroves and woodland, as well as the country’s highest peak, the Morne Seychellois at 905m. If you feel like exploring, strap on your hiking boots and take to the trails with a tour guide for a completely unique experience.

With plenty of sun, sea and fresh food to keep you occupied, the Seychelles are certain to be the destination of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for somewhere to relax on the beach or your next mountain to scale, this collection of beautiful islands will leave you utterly amazed.

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