B Sunglasses Director named as ‘most prolific online food reviewer’

B Sunglasses’ Managing Director Phil Blackett knows a thing or two about sunglasses, but if there’s one thing he knows about better than anything, it’s food.

Our very own ‘Big Boss Man’ Phil has appeared today in the Telegraph and The Daily Mail newspaper after being named as TripAdvisor’s most prolific restaurant reviewer of 2012. From Pizza Hut to the finest Michelin Star restaurants, Phil – who founded B Sunglasses back in 2010 – began reviewing restaurants and food establishments on TripAdvisor as a hobby in 2008 under the pseudonym DogSheep. Yet his Dining-and-Whining approach has racked up an impressive 780 reviews in 501 different cities and 36 countries worldwide pinning him as the number one UK reviewer.

Unlikely food critic Phil of Newcastle Upon Tyne is no snob when it comes to cuisine and claims he’s panned top Michelin Star establishments whilst giving high street takeaways five star feedback.

I eat out every day, from Greggs to Michelin starred restaurants and they all get rated by me

I have given some of the top restaurants zero stars and the scruffiest of kebab shops high acclaim

I’m not fussy,  I just have my standards

Phil travels regularly searching for the latest designer sunglasses and hottest trends which have allowed him to broaden his culinary horizons past his hometown. He claims his favourite restaurant is La Coupole in Paris and has also rated Heston Blumenthal’s ‘Dinner’ restaurant highly whilst describing Jamie Oliver’s restaurant as ‘a tourist attraction’. According to statistics in his user profile, he has traveled 181,000 miles during his reviews and has traveled 31 per cent of the world.

I travel the world with my business so there’s always opportunity to eat out

having posted reviews for restaurants from afar afield as Sri Lanka, Thailand and Venezuela. However, he says his girlfriend is the only chef exempt from his critical eye.

Phil is hoping to retain his title for 2013 despite his surprise at the news that he was the top rated reviewer. He said:

I was sent a huge hamper full of food and I was told I was the number one reviewer in the world. It got me thinking, no wonder my waistline was expanding.

However, Phil also has a few pet hates when it comes to dining out. Paper napkins, rude staff and coloured crockery are listed as his most hated attributes.

But saying all that,” says Phil, “good food can overcome bad service

Keep your eyes peeled for Phil’s online reviews which he occasionally contributes to our B Sunglasses Sunday Supplement. Although it comes down to personal taste, Phil is certainly not bias and doesn’t hold back. Here’s hoping you can keep your crown Phil.