B Sunglasses Celebrates Earth Day

On April 22nd, the world celebrates Earth Day; a worldwide event which demonstrates global support for environmental protection. Here at B Sunglasses we strongly support sustainable fashion and we’re always keeping our eyes peeled for the latest innovative ways to keep your sunglasses both ethical and stylish.

Here are six campaigns which promote naturally sourced sustainable sunnies so you can find out what the eyewear world is doing to stay green….

Luxottica One Sight

Supported by founding sponsor and international eyewear manufacturers Luxottica, One Sight is an independent non-profit created to, in their words, ‘eradicate global vision care crisis’. Founded back in 1988, OneSight set out with the intention to provide much needed donations of eye-wear and eyecare across the globe to those who needed it most outside of the US and Europe. According to their website, in 2013 OneSight hosted 75 projects in 10 countries across six continents, and volunteers helped 240,000 people with a number of charitable programs and sustainable initiatives alongside vital research and education programs. In 2014, OneSight have stated that they have ‘more than 1,100 Luxottica employees representing 44 countries, doctors and partners will come together to serve more than 250,000 people through 50 programs across 14 countries’. Eye-care is an extremely important part of our health and One Sight are truly doing everything in their power to ensure that these resources become a right and not a privilege.

Stella McCartney 

Following in the footsteps of her mother Linda McCartney, Stella McCartney herself has long been an advocate for an ethical vegetarian lifestyle and supporter of animal rights activists PETA. However, the McCartney fashion house is a lot more Earth-concious than you could ever imagine. The Stella McCartney brand is not just effortlessly stylish, it is also incredibly ethical and does not use leather or fur for any of their designs. In their company statement, the brand insists they use organic cotton and that even their London stores are powered by clean ‘wind turbine’ energy. These are, in their own words,  ‘little steps that eventually make a more sustainable company…we are dedicated to continuing our work towards being able to replace what we have taken from the environment’. As part of the Ethical Trading Initiative and Clean By Design campaigns, Stella McCartney are certainly one of the most green brands in our catalog here at B Sunglasses so you can be sure that buying their specs is *almost* as good as going guilt-free.

Read more about Stella McCartney’s sustainable fashion actions HERE 


Shwood are one of our favourite brands thanks to their innovative use of raw natural materials to create unique sunglasses frames. Born out of Portland, Oregon, Shwood set out to innovate and create using manipulated wood for a look that was more at one with nature. However, Shwood not only experiments with nature but with its’ use of ethical materials. The Slugger range is crafted entirely from old baseball bats whilst the Limited Edition Salvaged series reclaimed wood from old wrecks and shipyards of Oregon. The Fifty/Fifty collections instead make use of recyclable titanium and stone for long-lasting glasses that leave nothing to waste. The latest addition to their line is the Newspaper Collection which makes use of reconstructed newspaper in a way which mimics real wood grain. Showing their true appreciation for the natural materials and their properties, Shwood sunglasses are active in sourcing their wood from licensed plantations across the globe whilst also working to minimize their daily ecological footprint.



Whilst similar in concept, Tribe take a unique approach to their sunglasses which are hand-crafted to perfection from Ecuadorian Oak and Walnut. Tribe take their inspiration from the traditional carved wooden surfboards of the Polynesian tribes to create a range of wallets, watches, card holders, surfboards and… you guessed it, sunglasses! Carefully honed in a variety of styles, their sunglasses each hold unique grain patterns and are presented with a recyclable bamboo case. The faces behind Tribe openly share their passion for making the world a little bit better by making ‘sustainably sourced products that celebrate fine craftsmanship, nature and heritage so perfectly’.


SK8 Shades

Another brand heavily into recycling are SK8 Shades. Hand-made from recycled skate-boards by one of South Africa’s greatest ramp builders, Dave De Witt crafts broken decks into wearable art with colour and style. Whilst many brands have picked up on recycling skateboards for an innovative and unique collection of sunglasses, SK8 Shades stand out thanks to their colourful designs and use of natural oils

SK8 SHADES from itswhatiminto on Vimeo.


Dick Moby


One niche brand attempting to break into the industry are Dick Moby. Created as part of a Kickstarter campaign in March 2014, the promotional video has already drawn donations of over €37,000 in a bid to address the issues of plastic pollution. Creating their frames from new bio-acetate, the idea came from a group of surfers who wanted to keep our oceans clean and trash free.

Regular acetate is an oil based plastic and is used by a large number of sunglasses retailers. However, Dick Moby uses a new innovative material called M49, a bio-acetate produced from only renewable resources. Better still, they send out all their orders in thick and sturdy recycled cardboard with a magnetic seal allowing the box to double up as a protective case. Waste-free and stylish! What more could you ask for?

Read more about Dick Moby HERE

 What will you be doing to stay green?