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Make up artist, local beauty blogger and B Sunglasses helper A.J. Edgar shares with us her favourite beauty and skincare tips and summer skincare essentials for 2013… 











Well folks, I don’t know about yourselves but this incredible Summer in Blighty has wreaked havoc with my skin. Whether home or abroad here are a few ideas to keep skin looking its best.


Deep Cleanse
Firstly and foremost; cleansing! I am a huge fan – and have been for years now – of the original EVE LOM Cleanser which was described by Vogue as  ‘probably the best Cleanser in the world’.
In the summer months and post holiday this is all you need to ‘remove the day’ from your skin. In the evening heat simply cleanse with this opulent balm and that’s it! Simple as it looks. Less is most definitely more.

For a deep cleanse and to ensure my skin remains radiant I give my skin a whizz with the Clarisonic Mia 2 Skin Cleansing System. I tend to use this with a little bit of water after my Eve Lom Cleanser has been removed with the accompanying muslin cloth. The Clarisonic Mia 2 is clinically proven to remove make up six times more effectively than a manual cleanse.

Mens Skincare
The Clarisonic Mia 3 Skin Cleansing System is also great for the gentlemen pre-shave to really help loosen the hairs that can be trapped under the skin and are exasperated by the heat.

If you chaps are suffering ingrown hairs you should try the Anthony Logistics Ingrown Hair Treatment. It is a powerhouse of Salicylic Acid to clear inflammation and help release the trapped hairs, great for the girls post waxing too.

Skincare Before Bed
If you really must use a product at night try to incorporate a gentle exfoliating action when applying your moisturiser. The  incredible Moisturising Renewal Cream is great at reviving  tired skin by sending you skin cells marching forward with Nobel Prize winning technology. This cream contains Glycolic acid to pep up your complexion and removes any dull surface cells… All as you sleep!

A.J Edgar Summer Skincare Guide

This year I have discovered the new Radical Skincare Age- Defying Exfoliating Pads. They are gentle enough for extreme sensitivity and Rosacea, giving the delicate skin types a great, gentle overnight exfoliate.
Daytime Skincare
You morning skincare regime in summer should be kept simple. It is not necessary to cleanse again in the a.m, however for those of you who go out and about to the gym, dog walking, horse riding, golfing etc. the Elemental Herbology Cool and Clear cleanser is a fantastic summer time wash.

Also remember not to go out without SPF Protection. Chantecaille Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 is a joy to be worn under make up. It gives  a flawless, velvety , matte finish that perfects your make up too but is also fabulous for use alone.

Sun Skincare
If at the beach, skiing or boating use the amazing Instituit Esthederm Suncare line. You will never use any other sun care again. It provides the most incredible quick, golden tan as its’ Adaptasun Technology gets to work stimulating the Melanin production (our skins natural UV defence). It covers almost everyone’s  needs from the most hardened sun worshippers to porcelain skinned folk and those with sun allergies or intolerance.

Until next time, hope you have all had a great summer whether home or abroad.

A.J Edgar x 






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