Q+A with Tattoo Artist Boris Bianchi

Next in our question & answer sessions we speak to award winning tattoo artist, food lover and international globetrotter, Boris Bianchi.

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Tell us a little about yourself, how did you become a tattoo artist?

Well to be honest, I kind of just fell into it, I got really lucky. I was doing odd jobs and one of my buddies from high school just finished his apprenticeship. So after weeks and weeks of me hanging out at the his tattoo shop they got really sick of me,  taking up space and not doing anything, so they gave me an option. Either go away, or start cleaning and learn how to pierce and hopefully, 2 1/2 years down the line start tattooing 🙂 so I took the tattooing option.

Have you always been interested in body art?

I actually never had an interest in body art, I always thought tattoos were cool, but to my family it was always very taboo. I was always into music (punk rock, rock n roll, rockabilly, and eventually blues and classical) so tattoos were always surrounding me and all my friends were always getting them. My older brother was always the artist; I actually didn’t take a real interest until I started apprenticing

What inspires your tattoo designs?

Everyday life inspires my designs, I see cool statues or designs, engravings, and shapes and I think that would make a cool tattoo, usually any old thing like a frame or chair I enjoy the intricacy in stuff…and as far as my oriental designs, I’m very interested in Japanese folklore and art so whenever i read a new book or see a painting it helps the process.


Are there any tattoo artists out there who have really influenced your work?

Big Meas, Dave Tevenal, Josh Payne, Timmy B, Shige, Carlos Torres, Myke Chambers, Derek Billingsley, Nico Negron and countless other dudes each one has a different style and work method, they all kill it and in some way influence me. But you gotta give it to Dave Tevenal, probably the hardest working guy I know and the dude still makes time for family and to be awesome.

Which of your tattooing awards are you most proud of?

I won one specific award in Ireland for best Japanese; the tattoo was done on my wife it’s a full sleeve and I got her to enter just for fun and to give her something to do (because she hates conventions) but so many people entered at the end of the show they still weren’t done judging so we just left. Well, when we got to the hotel I checked my Facebook and everyone’s asking where I went because I won first place, it was one of my first awards, I think it was my 1st one in a different country and there were so many other cool tattoos that I never thought I had a chance, which was an awesome feeling for both me and my wife.

Do you have favourite place you’ve visited on your travels?

Thailand is by far my favorite place on this planet, everyone is so awesome and happy they all just want to have a good time. Also, the fact that it’s so cheap helped a bunch to have an even better time 🙂 the food is to die for, ahh, writing this is making me want to go back.

How many tattoos do you have yourself? Which are your favourites?

I wouldn’t be able to count how many I have. Eventually it’ll just be one tattoo hopefully if I ever get the cojones to finish it, but my favorite at the moment was done by Horiyoshi the third which he was the reason i got into Japanese tattooing and just about every tattooer who does Japanese tattooing, we all have so much respect for him and everything he has accomplished.


What do you like to do when you’re not designing tattoos?

Well it depends where I am…if I’m home, which is now Scotland, I like to take it easy with my wife, go exploring in the highlands with our dog and have our adventures. I also like to race cars, which is a huge problem for me! If I’m in Miami then I dedicate 100 percent of my time to my daughter and try not to do anything else. Aside from that I just like to have fun, paint, adventure, I enjoy a casual adrenaline rush and I’m a big foodie.

Which pair of sunglasses from the B Sunglasses site would you take with you on your travels?

Well, I can say I’m 100% into the Ray-Ban® wood Clubmasters, they’re to die for.

Thanks Boris, I’m sure we’ll catch you soon when you next touchdown in England.

What would you have Boris tattoo on your body?