Prince dons bizarre ‘Third Eye’ shades on SNL

Prince recently released his 33rd– that’s right, you read that correctly – THIRTY THIRD studio album, with the satisfyingly punny title Art Official Age this month with some interesting sunglasses-inspired artwork…

Released alongside his collaborative album PlectrumElectrum  with his all-female backing band , the album artwork  for Art Official Age appears to pay homage to his backing band in the form of a digitally rendered image of Prince himself donning sunglasses suggestive of a third eye.

Last week the 56-year-old star appeared on SNL alongside 3rdeyegirl in a pair of three-lens specs designed by Coco and Breezy, Minnesota natives now based in New York, based on his ‘shopped shades.

What do you think of these surreal specs? Would you dare to adopt the bold look?