Pimp My Grad Hat

Pimp My Grad Hat: 10 Amazing Graduation Hat designs.

Here at B Sunglasses we have been seeing a lot of people getting exited over their upcoming graduation ceremonies, and rightly so. There seems to have been a trend sweeping across the states in the past few years and we have been really liking it. From messages to parents to Disney prints the possibilities are endless, and there has clearly been a lot of time and effort put in to them. We can only hope that it is a matter of time before we see some of these designs make their way over to the UK, however the gown hire services might not be very happy when their hats are returned with pictures of Darth Vader painted on the top of them!

Lets have a look at some of our favourite grad hat designs:


This hat design embodies that classic student logic that it’s better to stay up all night and do your work the night before a deadline, instead of completing work piece by piece at reasonable hours of the day. We’ve all done it. The colourful flowers really make the hat stand out whilst the plane underneath suggests that this graduate plans to do a bit of travelling now she is finished education.


This hat pretty much sums up every student ever. Maybe one of the most memorable things about student life was the partying, and it looks like this student had a particular soft spot for the vino. Whoever it was is obviously proud of their achievement whilst acknowledging one of the things that likely made studying that bit more bearable.


Definitely one of my favourite grad hat designs, this students plans for the summer are pretty evident. One of the best things about finishing your degree is the opportunity to go and explore the world, whether that’s with your new career or just simply wandering from country to country.


A slightly less chipper design for a grad hat, this student has decided to highlight the sheer amount of crippling debt students are often left with following university. Still, we like the creative design!


This hat gives off some seriously positive vibes, we love the colourful dream catcher and the thoughtful writing. It suggests that whoever has designed this will go on to do some good in the world!


I think this graduate has slightly more sinister plans now that they have finished university. This design is simple but effective and indicates that the endless time spent studying has driven the hats creator to insanity… it happens. Just don’t move that tassel!


I wonder if this was a photography students hat, or whether it is a nod to the copious amount of photographs mum will be taking of them on graduation day? We love the contrast of the white tassel on the pink beads, and the writing is pretty impressive too.


There was always going to be a Star Wars one wasn’t there? We like the use of Yoda’s wise words to indicate that this student has gone from being apprentice to the bank of invaluable knowledge following their education.


I think this is one of my personal favourites. This student has replaced ambitious, colourful design for their hat with a pretty blunt message regarding their mental state following the completion of their degree. Maybe not one for the parents to see!


Finally, this grad hat is obviously the product of a very creative English Literature student. I love the colours used and the imagery is amazing. The incorporation of a quote from none other than William Shakespeare suggests that the student still has a passion for literature after years of endless citing and referencing.