Persol Optics

‘Persol frames are more than just glasses, they are works of art.’ The luxury craftsmanship of Persol glasses is essential for adding elegance to your winter style.

In Turin, 1917, optician and photographer Guiseppe Ratti invented a life-changing state-of-the-art design for glasses. Ratti created protectors, designed to provide the ultimate comfort, protection and vision for sports drivers. Air forces worldwide grabbed his design, styling themselves and performing daily with his product. As well as this, automobile and motorcycle stars were seen proudly wearing his collection, including Gabriele D’Annunzio, Juan Manuel Fangio and Francesco De Pinedo. Other celebrities like Steve McQueen, Robert de Niro and Jack Nicholson have also worn Persol proudly.

PO3178V Glasses in Black
by Persol.

Persol products are handmade in Italy and feature high quality materials, like crystal lenses and acetate frames, and excellence of design. In the late 1930’s, the brand introduced the Meflecto system, the world’s first flexible stem that creates a comfortable curve for the perfect fit. The Meflecto is still a distinctive symbol of Persol today. Shortly after, the Silver Arrow was born, the icon of Persol. The Silver Arrow, a hinge decorated with an arrow on the stem, was inspired by the swords of ancient warriors and forms the trademark symbol of the brand today. Over time, Persol have created countless models that are used for fashion by the stars and performance by the adventurous. In 1995, model 649 was chosen to represent the relationship that exists between fashion, design and technology and was displayed at the exhibition “Fra Moda e Design, linea infinita“ at the Milan Triennial.

The optics range by Persol is synonymous with elegance and class. The refined Italian craftsmanship that goes into every pair is unmissable. It’s easy to see why the stars love Persol.

Calligrapher Edition PO3167V Glasses in Havana by Persol.
Calligrapher Edition PO3167V Glasses in Havana by Persol.

The Calligrapher edition is dedicated is dedicated to the skill of the calligraphy art form and the uniqueness of the end result, similar to each handmade pair of Persol glasses. Each pair has a personal human touch and the glasses recall the look of calligraphy pen nibs, the outer metal temples are embellished with subtly engraved motifs. A lightweight mix of metal and acetate, as elegant as a calligraphic flourish.

PO3147V Glasses in Black and PO3124V Glasses in Black.

The classic vintage round lens are simplistic but striking in the PO3147V Glasses by Persol. Underneath, the PO3124V glasses are from the Reflex Collection. Inspired by cameras, with a vintage look, the glasses embody contemporary style and are the perfect present for anyone who loves fashion and photography.

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