The Perfect Gift for Fathers Day

The sun is out (kind of) and your family is hopefully looking forward to a nice summer holiday or weekend away in the not too distant future. This Fathers Day Instead of buying your dad the same old ‘rockin’ tunes for the road’ album; a compilation of songs that he probably already has (and can easily be streamed on various different apps and smartphones), why not get him something he will actually use?

I think you can probably guess what our suggestions are for this Fathers Day. Of course, we are going to be a little bit biased. But hear us out. Sunglasses are an essential component for anyone’s day to day life, but the majority of people decide to just purchase a pair of knock-off Ray-Ban® while they’re on holiday without thinking about the severe lack of quality they are purchasing. You don’t really understand the colossal difference in quality until you own some sunglasses that are made properly that offer actual UV protection.

On the other hand, if your old man is a glasses wearer why not take his glasses game to the next level by getting him a nice pair of designer glasses. We stock a massive range of designer glasses for Fathers’ Day, including frames from Ray-Ban®, Paul Smith and Oakley just to name a few. What’s more, we will fit prescription lenses in to your glasses absolutely free of charge. It would be pretty stupid not to get a pair in our opinion.

Check out our full selection of Men’s Glasses, or alternatively try our full range of Men’s Sunglasses. Or maybe, just maybe, if you really want to make your dad happy this fathers’ day you could get both?

Sunglasses for Fathers Day

We have handpicked a couple of pairs to give you a little bit of inspiration. Without being offensively stereotypical, we think the perfect sunglasses for Fathers Day need to be something functional, high quality and high performance. One brand that combines all these features to create exquisitely crafted, performance eyewear that can be worn casually or during activities is Dragon. Dragon sunglasses are made using the latest in lens technology, and feature a huge variety of aspects that are designed to make them perform better and last longer. Not only this, they feature contemporary designs to make them perfect to wear whatever the occasion.
Try these Liege H20 Sunglasses; the blue lens really stands out while the shape of them makes them easy to pull off. Furthermore, the sunglasses are designed to withstand excess water exposure and even float, making them perfect for any water related excursion.

Glasses for Fathers Day

For glasses, we think there are two types of consumers. There is the guy that picks their glasses based on pure functionality, and for this we would select something from our Oakley Glasses range. The glasses are made from sturdy stuff and are designed to fit perfectly on any head shape whilst staying comfortable and efficient. The other type of glasses customer is someone that goes for a glasses frame that is a bit more style savvy. One of our personal favourites for a stylish yet classy look has got to be these Padfield glasses by Paul Smith.