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That’s it…Fashion “month” is finally over. With Miu Miu bringing the fun filled week that took place in the final destination that was Paris, to an end, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go over the best bits from the shows that took place. From Valentino and Chanel to Stella McCartney and Elie Saab, it definitely sounds like it has been one interesting week to say the least.


It was all about the dance attire for this seasons Valentino runway. There was plenty of scoop-neck tops, a favourite within dance studios, pleated skirts, and his signature sheer gowns that never fail to amaze the audience with their beauty.

It didn’t take long for the “black swan-esque” garments to start arriving on the runway. From structured black tutu’s, ballet leotards layered under roll neck tops, leggings paired with skirts, and stockings bunched up around the ankle, giving off a more laid back but still put together look. The juxtaposition throughout this show gave a beautifully successful demonstration of the stereotypical dancer to the more realistic, or alternative one.



Karl Lagerfeld never seems to fail when it comes to producing the most incredible garments, and of course his insanely fascinating shows, however he didn’t seem to take that approach for this seasons show. Simply row-upon-row of 3,000 chairs inside Grand Palais where models had to weave their way through to reach the end of the 8 minute runway. He decided to do it old school with each look announced with a number and music playing in the distance, an odd one for Lagerfeld who normally is a lover of all things 21st Century.

As for the garments, let’s just say it had a feel of Mademoiselle Chanel, edging on the fifties, which nobody can complain about. The structured tweed suits with frayed edges was just the start of the eye-popping garments that were going to make an appearance. Model’s GiGi Hadid and Kendall Jenner were of course present, wearing a drawstring jacket and a padded leather jacket, alongside trench coats, and shooting jackets. Midi dresses were also featured with Lagerfeld’s signature black leather criss-cross lacing, which has been spotted in many a show by him.

chanel photo
Photo by Spixey

Saint Laurent

Hedi Slimane was adamant he was going to give us a subdue show from the beginning. With the start time being precisely 20:05pm and any latecomers being banned from the venue, that being a chic hotel on Rue De l’Universite, very appropriative for the show that took place. The models entered down a grand staircase, allowing the audience to see the look from all angles.

Red lips and slick back hair were a big statement to every look that graced the runway however coordinated well with each and every piece. Mini dresses with chunky belts was a reoccurring trend along with padded shoulders coated in a sequins, 80’s disco kind of rings a bell. The whole show swung closer to couture rather than ready-to-wear pieces, nonetheless some of the accessories would definitely be ready-to-wear.


Stella McCartney

It was all about sustainability for Stella’s show. From bomber jackets made from “Skin Free Skin”, quilted puffa jackets that were feather free of course, and a soundtrack asking questions such as, “Do you grow your own food?” and “When was the last time your ate meat?” There was plenty of things that made you think about what is going on in the world outside of your day-to-day routine.

We have to applaud her on how well she captured the street style frenzy that is currently on-going. There were masses of oversized garments, paired with puffa and bomber jackets, tie-dyed knee length denim pieces, and button-up dresses. However, the other half of the show was a more “dainty” mise-en-scene with swan motif’s appearing on a few of McCartney’s garments, along with velvet trouser suits, pleated skirts and girly slip dresses and vest tops.


Miu Miu

The Miu Miu show undoubtedly had something to live up to, it being the last show of the whole season. Throwing everything from Spring/Summer to Autumn/Winter into one show is just one way they managed to grab the audience’s attention along with their incredible garments of course.

With “Heard it Through the Grapevine” playing in the background the beautiful array of garments started to flow, from blue shirts and white bloomers, followed by a display of embroidered denim jackets and denim midi skirts, finishing with a collection with dark floral patterns and heavyweight fabric, it definitely didn’t disappoint.


Street Style

We have loved looking at all the street style images over the last month. Looking at the simplicity of some of the outfits to how extravagant you can make one, how each and every single person who walks through the doors at fashion week dresses totally unique, and yet something you would never dream of wearing yourself can be pulled off by somebody else.


What has been your favourite show? Let us know in the comments…
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