Whitney Houston Sporting a pair of Black Ray-Ban® Wayfarers

It may come as no surprise that Whitney Houston is the latest pop icon of our time to sadly pass on.

After years of battling addictions to alcohol and drugs, and making a number of secret trips into rehab the Queen of pop was yesterday found unconscious in her hotel bathroom suite surrounded by bottles of prescription drugs.

Reports claim that it was Whitney’s auntie Ms Mary Jones that found her lifeless body lying in the bath tub. Reports also claim Ms Jones desperately tried to revive her niece.

Whitney had been scheduled to attend close friend and mentor, music tycoon Clive Davis pre-Grammy award bash held at the same hotel she was staying in, instead unbeknown to party goers at the swanky Beverly Hills Hilton Hotel Whitney lay dead several floors above the party.

Now on a lighter note to the speculation of what may or may not have happened to the late Whitney Houston we have decided to pay tribute to her exceptional talents in music, acting and most importantly to the team here at B Sunglasses towers her exceptional taste in designer sunglasses.

RIP Whitney, We will Always Love You x

B Sunglasses Present Alexander McQueen Sunglasses

Here at B Sunglasses we’re very excited to welcome Alexander McQueen to our ever expanding collection of designer sunglasses brands.

Oozing with a fierce, stylish edge this year’s collection is a perfect representation of McQueen’s love for luxury.

Since sadly passing away in 2010 McQueen’s work, influence and exceptional talent as a fashion designer has been acknowledged by the British Fashion Council, who dedicated their “Outstanding Achievement” award to him.

Fashion designers Dame Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano have also received this prestigious award.

When dedicating the award to McQueen The British Fashion Council said:

“This special award celebrates the achievements of a designer whose work has made an exceptional impact on global fashion.”

Famed for the creative use of skulls within his designs, this season’s unisex collection of Alexander McQueen sunglasses is no exception.

Whether incorporated on an Aviator, Wayfarer or Cateye pair of sunglasses the trademark skull has been cleverly positioned on each frame to give a cool edgy look.

Combining exceptional detailing, craftsmanship, textures and colours each pair of Alexander McQueen sunglasses has been given the care and attention that many sunglasses can only dream of.

Gone, but certainly not forgotten Alexander McQueen will always be remembered as one of the most talented and influential designers of our time.

Each timeless piece of the Alexander McQueen designer sunglasses collection will remain highly sought after for years to come.

Brand new 2012 Alexander McQueen sunglasses collection available today at B Sunglasses, prices starting from £170.00.

Find out when the first pair of man made sunglasses were invented in our handy little history guide!

Have you ever wondered just how old the very first pair of manmade sunglasses would be?

A whopping 2000 years old to be exact and who would of thought that the first ever pair of manmade sunglasses were originally invented by the people who have over 50 different words for snow! Yep you guessed it The Eskimo’s!

The Eskimo or Inuit’s, if you prefer, etched the ‘goggles’ in wood, bone or leather.

The goggles consisted of tiny slits in the frame stopping snow blindness from the reflective glare of the Sun.

Living in and around the West coast of Alaska and eventually migrating to Canada some 800 years ago, The Thule people of Baffin grafted the example pictured below which is now exhibiting at the Canadian Museum of Civilisation.

If the first pair of manmade sunglasses are over 2000 years old, how long did it take for the first polarized lens sunglasses to be invented?

Believe it or not proper lenses capable of filtering out the glare of the sun weren’t invented until 1929 when Edwin Land filed a patent for a cellophane type polarizing filter.

After Edwin’s ingenious invention, polarizing celluloid became crucial to any persons creating anti-glare eyewear.

Land later went on to produce automobile headlights and stereoscopic photography hence Polaroid.

Well that’s the B Sunglasses history lesson over for today, but if you’d like something more up to date and in fashion why not take a look at our full collection of designer sunglasses.

The Beckham ladies do lunch! Victoria Beckham and baby daughter Harper enjoy some girly time together.

With the boys out the way, it’s time for the Beckham girls to play, and by playing we mean enjoying some girly time together at a swanky five star London hotel.

With Mrs Beckham’s three sons and footballer husband back in LA, the pop star turned fashion designer extended her stay in London to honour work commitments and spend some quality time with her six-month old daughter Harper.

Today the Beckham girls were spotted leaving swanky London hotel The Savoy together, the question on our lips is, was it Ladies who lunch or a high flying, VIP business meeting? Could Victoria be letting baby Harper in on the family business already?

Whether it was lunch or a meeting, it’s nice to see the pair spending time together without the noisy boys around!

Dressed in Black and sporting her trademark black contemporary oversize square sunglasses Victoria Beckham looked as chic as ever.

The gorgeously cute Harper wore a beautiful black and white patterned dress with black cardigan and uber-cute black hair-band. We wonder how long it will be before little Miss Harper has her own pair of trademark sunnies to match her mummies!

While it seems Victoria has enjoyed spending time the UK, reports have confirmed that she is delighted to be staying in Los Angeles after her husband footballing legend David Beckham’s move to Paris Germain has fallen through.

A family member told the Daily Mail Online:

“Victoria is delighted they will be staying in LA, the whole family are happy the decision has been made.”

The source added:

“Brooklyn moves to senior school in September and at such a crucial time in his education they had to put their own needs to one side and focus on the needs of their children.”

Victoria who extended her UK visit to put the finishing touches to her brand new womenswear collection, will jet back to LA in the next few days to join her husband David and the boys.

Victoria’s brand new collection is due to debut at New York Fashion week next month.

Get the look: Get Victoria Beckham’s trademark designer sunglasses look today at B Sunglasses with a pair of D&G Contemporary Oversize Square Sunglasses also available in Havana!