Oxford Vaughan arrive at B Sunglasses

B Sunglasses have always aimed to provide the highest quality designer sunglasses by the most exclusive designer brands, yet Oxford Vaughan may just well be one of our best yet.

The British company have just arrived here at B Sunglasses with their line of beautifully crafted sunglasses that excel in both look and design.

Oxford Vaughan have been working now for three generations to redefine craftsmanship and quality for the contemporary market. Their designs are inspired by what only can be described as ‘classic quintessential British-ness’. Tailored to suit all, Oxford Vaughan glasses are assembled by hand and precision engineered in over 140 stages using the greatest building materials available. Precious metals including Zylonite frames, gold-plating, aircraft grade titanium and optically engineered Zeiss lenses are among the finely sourced substances used to create these exquisite pieces of eyewear.

Unsurprisingly, the attention to detail and top quality performance of the Oxford Vaughan frames has lead to their use in the most unusual and tenuous roles that push human beings to their limits. The Attack Helicopter Force are officially supplied with Oxford Vaughan sunglasses due to their durability and optical merit whilst Mark Bowman, the chief test pilot of BAE Systems has become the brands ambassado,  frequently sporting the SpeedBird frames during flights.

The brand manifesto for Oxford Vaughan indicates that their sunglasses are designed for “the man who wants to tell his own story, in his own way”  and each individual frame allows you to take on the world in your own terms.

The GTB Aviator takes the classic pilot-style design to new heights bringing a  personal touch to the classic cut whilst the SpeedBird merges technology with unrivaled luxury. For an athletic look with a contemporary twist, the Super Yacht is perfect for the outdoors whilst the Monte Carlo frame is inspired by the French Riviera during the 1960s for the vintage look of a Hollywood star. Each pair are presented in an authentic Oxford Vaughan wood presentation box with a hand-stitched Italian leather sunglasses case.