Olympics Sporting Style

With the Olympics in full swing and Team GB killing it on the medals table, we’ve been glued to the telly, unable to take our eyes off sports that, before this week, we had never even watched. Maybe it’s the admiration we have for the incredible athletes competing in Rio, maybe it’s the bombardment of Olympics coverage on what seems like every channel… or maybe it’s because all the athletes seem to have a special skill: they look cool in sports gear. It may seem like an irrelevant anxiety, but for those of us who have been trying for years to look simultaneously sporty and fashion forward, seeing these Olympians pulling it off on the world’s stage is pretty irksome (and impressive). Of course, it may have something to do with them being in peak physical condition, but we’d like to think (pretend) that we can give them a run for their money, and look like we could walk straight from the podium to the party.

Simone Biles competing at Rio 2016
Simone Biles competing at Rio 2016

Trendy training

It’s become clear that getting changed into gym gear is just too much of a hassle for us nowadays, and with our busy lifestyles we need something versatile enough to wear out and about as well as when we’re pumping iron. Sports brands know this, and there are now some super cool pieces that you can add to your workout wardrobe without the risk of looking like a P.E. teacher.


Sporty chic

If you’re less about the actual exertion of exercise and prefer to adopt the comfort and cuts of sports clothing, these kinds of looks may suit you better. Granted, you could definitely play a bit of tennis in these get ups, but you probably want to lay off the 100m sprint.

Our Olympic muse

Simone Biles is the very definition of a pocket rocket: she’s 4 ft 8 inches, 19 years old and this week became the 2016 Olympic individual all-round, vault and floor champion, as well as winning team gold for the USA. Her strength and dedication are second to none, and Team USA frankly looked great while winning, so let’s all pretend for a minute we’re as accomplished as these athletes (because Team USA were squad goals this week). Biles has also been flirting with Zac Efron on social media throughout all of this gold medal winning, giving us yet another reason to try and be her.












Will you be winning gold in sporty style this summer?