Watch the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang

2018 winter olympics photo
Photo by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea

The Winter Olympics are back: running from 9th – 25th February in PyeongChang. The theme this year is New Horizons, so why not go and visit a new place, support your team and enjoy the fascinating South Korean culture.

With the region’s fast growing youth market, the games will expose new generations and fresh talent. This year there are eight brand new medal events, making the total of golds to 102, the highest number at any Olympic winter games. The new events are aimed at attracting a young audience to, with the main addition being the snowboard Big Air. Other new events include a mixed doubles event in curling, and mixed team alpine skiing. These events bridge are tremendously exciting as they bridge the gender divide in sport and add something different to the games.

2018 winter olympics photo
Photo by KOREA.NET – Official page of the Republic of Korea

The most charming thing about the games this year is the adorable mascot, Soohorang. Soohorang is a trustworthy white tiger full of spirit and passion for the competition. The white tiger has long been considered guardian animal. “Sooho”, meaning to protect, symbolises the protection he’ll offer to the athletes at this year’s games. The games will be hosted mainly across the two big ski resorts of the area, Alpensia and Yongpyong. Alpensia is home to the main Olympic Village and will host the ski jumping, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing and the luge. Meanwhile, Yongpyong will hold the downhill slalom events. Stay in any of the mountain cluster resorts for easy access to the events.

soohorang photo
Photo by JasonParis

As well as the competition, the locals hope to share their rich culture with visitors through a range of events. Head to the Cultural Olympiad and catch the events held in two pavilions. Art, live performances, dance, music and celebrations will be taking place all week. If you fancy a trip out of the region, only a 45 minute drive away is Gangneung-si. From 2nd-24th, the city will be alive with a cultural festive that is completely free. In the Gangneung art centre there’s set to be jazz, ballet, opera, pop music, dance and traditional Korean singers. It’s a beautiful city in itself and a great day trip from the mountains.

Pyeongchang is such a sensational place to host the Olympics because it’s a less-travelled gem. It has the wild Odaesan National Park, with trails crisscrossing the Taebaek Mountains. There are also ornate gardens, Buddhist Temples and traditional cultural villages to explore. The Korean food is mouth-watering, with irresistible smells drifting from every restaurant, streel stall and market. Finally, despite heading into the snowy mountains to watch sports, don’t forget that you are in a fantastic place to try winter sports yourself. Any level can thrive in the area, with lessons on offer for beginners and guides for the veteran.

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