Olympic Spotlight – Tom Daley

In the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games it’s only fitting to talk about the style of one Britain’s most favoured competitors. Tom Daley first rose to prominence in the public imagination in the 2008 Olympics when he was the youngest person ever to represent his country, in the 10-metre platform diving event, at the tender age of 14. In spite of his father sadly passing away in 2011 after a long and arduous battle with cancer Tom has gone on to win countless competitions and medals. In the past he has openly declared how his family hardship and schoolyard bullying, due to his fame and fortune, as something that has strengthened him. Demonstrating a steely determination to succeed no matter what gets in his way.

Therefore it is only fitting that his fashion sense should be indicative of his impressive character for such a young man. Here he can be seen demonstrating the classic wayfarer style whilst enjoying a well earned break from the spotlight. What’s key to note here is that he’s gone for a classic style over the many fleeting fashion trends available. A strong, solid look that suits the shape of his face and endears him to a classic style. By investing in a well chosen designer piece these Ray-Ban’s will last him a lifetime. Few fashion accessories are able to offer such timeless elegance like a well chosen pair of sunglasses. Fashion is fleeting, but style is forever as they say; have no doubt we’ll see him donning these beauties many times in the future.

Tom Daley is under huge pressure to perform in his home nation in the forthcoming Olympic Games and if his past is anything to go by then he is the front runner to gold by a long way.

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