Oakley Snow Goggles At B Sunglasses

Winter is almost here which means Ski Season is go! And what better way to look powerful on the piste than with a pair of Oakley Snow Goggles now sold exclusively at B Sunglasses.

Our collection of state-of-the-art snow goggles is the result of Oakley’s 28-year dream to create the world’s best skiing goggles. The results are certainly a testament to their efforts as these goggles fuse the most innovative sportswear technology with radical style that will have you looking cooler than the icy slopes.

Whether a seasoned skier, extreme snowboarder or amateur bobsledder, you’ll definitely need a pair of snow goggles to keep your eyes protected in the extreme winter conditions. Snow goggles were first worn by the Inuits to shield their eyes from the harsh sunlight and bitter snowstorms in the Arctic terrain. Since then, Oakley have led ski goggles down a enlightened path and now the pro’s such as Shaun White, Tanner Hall and Seth Morrison are endorsing them as ultimate sporting accessories which are also a regular feature of the Winter Olympics.

Crafted using Oakley’s signature lightweight O-Matter, the Oakley snow goggles come in a variety of shapes, colours and styles including the Canopy, Airbrake, Crowbar, Ambush, Twisted and 02 XL frame designs. Each feature unique characteristics to improve performance and durability for the wearer including specially cut double-vented lenses that reduce fogging. Oakley have worked to create their O-Flow technology to allow easy breathing and reinforced strap which helps even pressure distribution across the face for a fit that can outlast the most extreme activities. Featuring carefully molded interior with triple-layer fleece foam, these goggles are engineered to be the most comfortable around whilst the lenses are customized to allow peripheral vision and total optic clarity in the wind, rain, snow and sunlight.

Many of our Oakley sports goggles feature Switchlock technology so lenses can be changed and adapted whilst others come in Polarised versions for extra sharp visuals and UV protection. Glasses wearer? No worries, many of these styles are designed so that you can wear your designer glasses securely beneath them.

Above all, the Oakley snow goggles have a sleek athletic appeal that streamlines your look whilst you’re out killing it on the cold stuff.  The Oakley goggles are at the top of their game, incorporating every requirement necessary to have fun safely in the snow. Strap on your pair today for plenty of thrills and chills out in the mountains.

Oakley Snow Goggles


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