New Year’s Eve Do’s and Don’ts

New Year’s Eve can be a fantastic night and a perfect way to see off the year in style. However, should you make the wrong decisions it could very well be a disaster and set you up for the New Year in the worst possible fashion. As we’re a friendly bunch we thought we’d offer some handy New Year’s Eve do’s and don’ts on how to walk the proverbial tightrope of having a good New Year’s Eve without ruining your 2016 only two hours into it.


Party in style: Some of the events on offer on a New Year’s Eve are out of this world. There’s nothing better than dressing up nicely and making an occasion of it.

Celebrate with your loved ones: Seeing in the New Year with some of your nearest and dearest is the perfect way round off the year.

Eat extravagantly: Chances are you’re one of the thousands of people who eat way too much over Christmas and decide to head down the gym in January, so enjoy the last of the naughty food while you can we say!

Stay Safe: Make sure you have the essential checklist at all times – keys, money, phone and plans to get home. Never wander off by yourself and stay with your group.


Not have a plan: Once a year the pubs and clubs deem it acceptable to overcharge you for drinks and entry fees, not to mention the endless queues. Don’t be a fool and plan your night out ahead, unless you like paying £15 entry into your local pub of course.

Make Pointless Resolutions: It’s the same story every year; people having one sherry too many and spouting out New Year’s resolutions that everyone knows fine well they’ll never keep. Don’t be that guy.

Fall Asleep before 12: This one is pretty self-explanatory we think? If you fall asleep before the New Year then you’re not really ‘seeing in the New Year’ at all are you?

Be Reckless: We’re all for letting loose but don’t do silly things like leaving drinks and valuables unattended. Nobody wants to have to file a police report to start the New Year.

new years eve photo

RedHotSunglasses would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and we hope to see you again in 2016!