A Brand New Website for B Sunglasses

This week’s spotlight is shining on our incredible new website update. B Sunglasses is excited to introduce a new responsive site, making shopping all your favourite eyewear much simpler.

After several months of development, B Sunglasses have introduced new Responsive Web Design software for our site. Our advancements have given the site a major face lift, as well as offering customers the optimum purchasing experience they deserve.

In essence, Responsive Web Design allows web pages to display in optimised format across a wide range of devices including: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles. The design uses three techniques to optimise the size, grid layout and image flexibility and ensure the site is easy to use on every device.

Our new site design still features the iconic B Sunglasses Logo and colour scheme. However, it is characterised by the same luxurious and premium minimalism as the exclusive designer labels we stock. The menu and search bars are easy to navigate, offering a variety of different search methods for you to find the perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses for you.

Stock updates are still as fresh as ever, with new designer brands flying onto the site daily. Keep your eyes peeled for some amazing launch offers over the next few weeks- you will not want to miss out!
Check out our new site now.