New Arrivals from Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen are renowned for their bold style and contemporary designs. Their identity is characterised by the use of the juxtaposition of contrasting elements such as: tradition and modernity, and feminine fragility and female strength and empowerment. At fashion week this year, their AW collection did not disappoint.

The designers opted to change their usual show space this year (the Orangerie at Jadin du Luxembour), for the Carreau du Temple, in the Marais. The space was strikingly white, with chairs wrapped in white Aran sweaters. The show’s theme, headed by Creative Director Sarah Burton, was ‘Metamorphosis: the magical transformation of femininity.’ Burton said her inspiration was ‘extreme nature, the delicate, emergent beauty of butterflies and moths’ and the show displayed one garment morphing into another throughout. The designers said they were showing joy and optimism in the pieces, which was a change to the darker mirrors of the current political climate that other brands held up at fashion week.

The show opened with a variety of black tuxedo’s, each with its own distinct style. Clean-cut, polished pantsuits with large shoulders and skinny trousers were worn by models. As the show went on, these tuxedos transformed into leather shift dresses, Aran jumpers, mini-cropped puffas and ivory parkas. Then Burton brought out the evening gowns, with silk fringes and beautiful tux-corset-lace combinations, as well as vibrant butterfly wings on the backs of the dresses. At the end, two models walked in chiffon and feather dresses, one was an irresistible pink, and the other a sleek black.

The new sunglasses by McQueen are equally as unique and enticing as the show at fashion week. The designs play on two frame shapes in three different colours and each pair is lightweight and sleek. The piercing metal brow bar adds a finish of edginess and urban identity to the eyewear.

Piercing Bar Metal Round Sunglasses in Gold.
Piercing Bar Metal Round Sunglasses in Gold

Featuring in gold, these sunglasses from the new collection are a collision of vintage and modernity. The classic round gold frames are brought to summer 2018 with a stylish piercing metal brow bar.

Piercing Bar Metal Square Sunglasses in Ruthenium.
Piercing Bar Metal Square Sunglasses in Ruthenium.

These sunglasses feature in a fresh ruthenium, and will add glamour to every outfit. The unique frame shape is a striking take on the classic square frames.

Piercing Bar Metal Round Sunglasses in Ruthenium.
Piercing Bar Metal Round Sunglasses in Ruthenium

These frames are lightweight and beautifully simple. Again, the piercing metal bar adds urban edge to the round frames.


Piercing Bar Metal Square Sunglasses in Black
Piercing Bar Metal Square Sunglasses in Black

For a bolder take on the sunglasses above, the black frames of this pair of square frames is enough to add attitude to every look.

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