Naturally Weird and Wonderful Places to Visit In Australia

This month B Sunglasses launched their AUS blog and we couldn’t be more excited! Our Australian website has long been providing the hottest shades to our Antipodean cousins and we have to say, they certainly will be getting more use out of them with the glorious Aussie sunshine. To celebrate this milestone, we’ve put together a little list of some of the amazing sights you can see in the land down under…

Australia is not just the home of great weather, Kylie Minogue, Neighbours or Mad Max; Australia is one of the most unique places on Earth. With its’ spectacular geology and wildlife, bustling cities and stunning beaches, Australia is the Ex-Pat paradise you’ve always dreamed of. Here’s some of the most fascinating places we want to visit and what sunglasses we’d be taking with us…

Uluru, Alice Springs – Northern Territory

One of the most magical, mystical and visually breath-taking hot spots on the list is the ancient sandstone monolith known by its’ indigenous Aboriginal name Uluru. Named Ayers Rock by the colonists , Uluru stands at the centre of the Red Desert and towers at 863m (2,831 ft) high and is instantly recognizable due to the reddish oxidized sands which make it glow bright orange and red during sunrise and sunset. Estimated as being over 700 years old, it is considered a sacred culturally significant site to the Aboriginal people, playing its’ part in much Aboriginal folklore, however, this dream-like spot is also a popular tourist destination with unique flora and fauna and a plethora of springs, water holes and rock caves filled with paintings. This fascinating location has plenty of visual oomph as it does history and is not one to be missed should you ever visit.

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Great Barrier Reef, Cairns – Queensland

On the North-Eastern tip of Australia you will find tropical climes, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters of the Pacific. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the Great Barrier Reef is located off the coast of beach side city Cairns and is described as the largest living thing on the planet. Visible from space and 2,300 km long, the colourful reef is listed as a World Heritage Site, containing over thirty species of dolphins, porpoises and whales; 1,500 unique fish species; 17 species of water snake; six species of sea turtle and even more marvelously, at least 400 species of coral. And that’s just naming a few! The unique ecology of the area makes this truly a once in a life-time opportunity to see the unusual sea life and natural beauty of the reef; whether it be by glass bottom boat, helicopter or Scuba diving. The nearby coast of Cairns and Magnetic Island are also great to explore when back on shore for more information about the reef itself and the rare, fascinating wildlife within it.

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Shark Bay, Gascoyne  – Western Australia

Perhaps one to skip if you’re not a Jaws’ fan, Shark Bay might be remote but its’ unbelievably beautiful. Surrounded by cliffs which give a sense of drama, Shark Bay is not just home to many sharks but also 10,000 dugongs (‘sea cows’), dolphins, bird and fish species. The wildlife here is nothing short of spectacular whilst the landscape is eerie and awe-inspiring. The limestone cliffs, sand dunes and rock pools were supposedly happened upon by European settlers in the year 1916 and was likely one of the first locations where Europeans and indigenous aboriginals encountered each other.

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Lake Hiller a.k.a. Pink Lake – Western Australiaausblog-lakehil

If you wish to see something truly weird and wonderful on your trip to Aus’, look no further than the bubblegum hued waters of Pink Lake. At 600m wide, this salt lake has become noted for its’ crazy bright pink colour which is due to a type of green algae reacting with the high concentration of brine prawns in the water. During times of year where the water salinity, temperature and lighting conditions are just right, the water acquires a red pigment and with halobacteria in the salt crust at the bottom of the lake, forms a candy-floss coloured surprise! Along with its’ population of birds and salt production, the Pink Lake and its’ milkshake colour wasn’t discovered until 1802 when a British explorer named Matthew Flinders climbed to the highest mountain peak and looked out over the rosy waters.

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The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park – Western Australia

Created 30,000 years ago by receding oceans, The Pinnacles are the main attraction in The Nambung National Park which is about a three-hour drive away from Perth. Made up from Tamala Limestone, these peaked formations are believed to have once been submerged underwater in an area rich with marine life. Today, The Pinnacles stand in a desert-like surrounding with some of Australia’s most fascinating wildlife such as Emu’s, grey kangaroos and various reptiles. Much like something you might imagine to see on another planet, The Pinnacles was much unheard of until the 1960s which means it is technically one of the newer (but really old) landmarks on the list but are now visited by over 250,000 people every year.

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The Twelve Apostles, Port Campbell National Park – Victoria

Another fantastical landmark on our list is the Twelve Apostles which is located just off the Victoria coast. These large jutting limestone stacks sit along the cliffs of the Port Campbell National Park, peering out of the ocean with some at 50m high. Created by the extreme weather conditions in the Southern Ocean, these giant rock formations are the result of the constant erosion of coastal caves and arches which eventually became the stacks we see today. There are now fewer than 10 remaining due to collapse over the decades however, the remaining pillars are still just as impressive with geologists predicting more to form in future as the ocean continues to erode the coastline.

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Blue Mountains – New South Wales

This stunning mountain range is a two hour drive from Sydney but its worth the journey. Carved in sandstone bedrock and separated by plummeting 760 meter deep gorges,  the towering Blue Mountains provide a stunning panoramic view from the highest peaks thanks to their green eucalyptus gum trees. Home to some of the oldest trees on the planet, the Wollemi pines, the Blue Mountains are divided into two smaller ranges with the Three Sisters being the most well-known peaks. The area is inhabited by over 400 different kinds of animals including rare species and iconic Australian animals such as the Koala and the Yellow-Bellied Glider. Scattered with mueseums, cafe’s and viewing spots, the Blue Mountains are a spectacle to behold as one of the phenomenal travel destinations in Australia.

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